Who is excited for Pinks?!?!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by yellowlab, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Steve Saville Active Member

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    Pinks don't show here until late July. He must be mistaken.
  2. Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

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    Kelvin's gone 2 for 3 so far today. :D
  3. Gray Ghost Member

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    UV Egg Sucking Pink Turd

    Hook: Mustad Signature C47SD #4 (debarb) or Eagle Claw 413 #4 (debarb)

    Thread: UTC Ultra Thread 140 Fl. Pink

    Eyes: Bead Chain Black Medium (tie in above the hook point, outside gap, glue)

    Plastic Bead: C Pucci 4mm Dark Pink Pearl (C47SD drill and slide up to the eye) (413-mount onto a sewing pin, cut 5/8" the sewing pin just short of the hook point and tie the sewing pin to the shank, glue)

    Tail: Marabou light Pink (long, 1 1/2 full hook length, whole plume cut out the top 1/3, tie in behind the eyes)
    Angel Hair Cotton Candy (sparse, long, 1 1/2 full hook length, tie in behind the eyes, fold on the thread)

    Body: Eztaz UV Lights Fl. Pink (loose spin with the dub looped dubbing using a dubbing hook, wrap chenille dub noodle)

    Dub Body: Hareline UV Ice Dub Fl. Pink, Hareline Senyo's Laser Dub Hot Pink (1/2 each, sparse, long, dub looped 3", loose spin with the chenille using a dubbing hook, wrap chenille dub noodle)

    Dub Finish Collar: Hareline UV Ice Dub Fl. Hot Pink, Hareline Senyo's Laser Dub Hot Pink (1/2 each, sparse, long, split thread dub looped, loose spin, 2 turns, whip finish, cut the thread and brush out)

  4. kelvin Active Member

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    Steve, They are early this year
    so are the posts..........
  5. DimeBrite MA-9 Beach Stalker

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    Actually I think that Kelvin is talking about the newly established resident pink salmon population that has been building up in Puget Sound over the past decade. A dedicated angler fishing amphipod and euphausiid patterns will occasionally hook-up with one of these smaller resident pinks.

    He is now 3 for 4.
  6. Bagman Active Member

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    Man when your as new at this as I am it's hard to tell the BS from the truth
  7. kelvin Active Member

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    yeah pink rezzies thats it

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  8. Jordan Simpson Active Member

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    I used to get stoked for them- I thought they were lots of fun, but up at the lodge I work at during the summer, where they run every year and get no bigger than a good sized trout, they become really really annoying messing with your herring and bait, popping your riggers, and hitting your bait before you can even get down to the springs.

    Once I get home and they're in the rivers down here, yeah, I'll probs have some fun with them, but while they're in the salt and we're trying to get springs and coho, I'll try my best to avoid them.
  9. yellowlab Active Member

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    Welcome to the forum and the sport! You'll learn that sometimes there is no difference between a fishermans tale and BS...
  10. Blktailhunter Active Member

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    Fish PNP and you will go great.
  11. obryan214 New Member

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    looking foward to c&r pinks on fly and gear:(at the mouth of the puyallup and south end of vashon island. maybe the mouth of the nisqually too since they're expecting a decent run.
    i'll fill the freezer with kings and silvers, hopefully sockeye too.
  12. Salmon King New Member

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    I got my 1st ever Salmon on the fly last pink season on the Skagit.
    I haven't picked up a flyrod since then but I am looking forward to giving it a go in the saltwater...should be fun! I live on Whidbey and normally fish the beaches using me casting gear...or I am in the boat.

    Question here...do I need or is it recommended to have a separate outfit for saltwater?
    I only have 2...a 5wt for trout and a 6/7 for everything else.
  13. BaldBob Member

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    6/7 Is fine for Pinks. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse your gear after each outing on the salt.
  14. Randall Clark Active Member

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    Cool, thanks for the fly recipe's (and gear advice). I like the "sparse and simple" approach...
  15. Salmon King New Member

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    Thanks BB...
  16. Flyfishing Dad displaced Alaskan

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    My adult son and I sure want to grab the flyrods and go after them, but we don't have a clue where to go, or how to try for 'em in the salt. Read a lot about it, and it sounds like fun.
  17. Dehlan G Member

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    This and a variation tied w/ pink or orange sparkly chenille for the body worked very well for me two years ago. Quick short strips. Let the fly settle in and sink before stripping back in.


    To those who are new to salmon fly fishing off the beach, make sure your double haul is on point. The fish do come in close to shore at times but backcasting room, crowds at the well known beaches, and wind (especially on the North Sound beaches) make fly casting more difficult.

    I know I'm excited. Bring em on!
  18. P.Dieter Just Another Bubba

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    I like the elegance and solitude of pink fishing
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  19. yellowlab Active Member

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    Woooo weeee about 4 months away!!!
  20. Porter Active Member

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    Yeah...and until?