Why is everyone selling Sage One's

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by William Wallace, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. I have been noticing that a lot of people are selling their Sage one's, why?
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  2. Need money for the 2's ? :D I would venture to say that some people buy rods without testing or any knowledge of the product. It's top of the line it has to be great for me...right? They take their new sage one to the lawn or river and start casting it...and plunk..dud! It doesn't cast 80 feet automatically.... wtf ? some might say. This thing doesn't load like the way I want. They notice it is stiffer than they like, or stiffer than what they had before. It is not a rod for everyone. Not everyone can drive with black ice! But it sure a pretty rod :)
  3. They probably started a thread with the title "What rod should I buy?" and found out you can't go by the opinions of those expressed on a web site as to what will work best for you... :D
  4. 4 years ago a similar thread in the flyfishing forums was .... "Why is everyone selling their Sage Z-axis?"
    Economy, lay-offs, unemployment, groceries .... all were assumed answers.

    I think Porter nailed it above !
    Too many folks not trying before buying .... getting caught up in the marketing and reviews hype.
    I know I have been guilty of this in the past myself.
    A lot of folks might not know their preferred casting style and limitations too.
  5. Sure makes it nice for those of us that can't spend $750 on a new one!
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  6. The Sage One is obsolete and is no longer the ONE. Gotta' buy a Sage Method or whatever is the latest model. A lot of people buy new cars, or lease them, and trade them in every two years. And a lot of wise used car buyers get really good deals because of it. Used rods are an even better deal than a used car.

  7. As an unashamed gear whore, i live off the honey of buyers remorse.
  8. Agree with your comments.

    I understand about the financial reasons, spend more than you have, they are pricey in my pocket book. Recently I did cast a few, found one I love, if I could afford it, it would be the one for me.

    Just wasn't sure if people bought and found out it was to fast for their style, to stiff for the line weight and should have went down a size, didn't like the handle or what ever reason.

    Thanks for the replies

  9. Keep in mind, next month they will be in costco as well. But it's a mistake because sage would never do that. Remember when sage discountinued the XP in fly shops only to put in Cabelas at a cheaper price. Or what about the time......

    Sage is a small local company that we must support at all costs. I mean, it's not like their owned by a billionaire on the Forbes list who happens to be an enthusiast in our sport, but really only cares about the bottom line and continually markets the the latest and greatest every 6 months.

    That's just crazy!
  10. There seem to be two individuals who sell a lot of Sage One rods all year long in a steady stream. Not sure how they are getting them, but it might be a reason it appears so many Sage Ones are being sold.

    Also consider that Sage has sold a lot of those rods too, so it's less important that there appears to be a large absolute number of them for sale, and more important to know what % of Ones ever sold have been re-sold as used rods compared with % of other rods.
  11. Wouldn't it be a 1.1 ;)
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  12. I've got a ONE and it's not for sale. It's also been used by me. The thing I wondered about is the ONE's that are sale, discounted and classed as unused.
  13. I think gear whores make a lot of buying mistakes because they are compulsive spenders. They can't help themselves. That would explain a lot of the pristine rods for sale at nickels on the dollar.

    Salmo touched on the similarity to car buyers who take a 15 minute test drive then cough up $40,000 for a new rig only to find that 15 minutes around the neighborhood is vastly different than 15 hours down I-5. That would explain a lot of the low mileage slightly used cars on the lots.

  14. Must make me a gear hoarder based on this. I'm still using rods bought back in the 80's. I pick the "rod du jour" based on that particular day's requirements and may be using a new one or a particularly well seasoned rod.

    For last year's opener I was using a 1974 rod, a 1976 line that still has life left in it and a reel of similar vintage. I would also point out that the fisherman in use is circa 1948.
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  15. Many ads are removed after a short time by (I assume) the moderators. Like the one that was clearly taken in a Cabela's parking lot. Yeah, I bought a rod, and by the time I made it back to the car, I changed my mind and lost the receipt. Or the ones that seem like they are waiting for a firm order before they out and steal them. Not all FS ads are rip offs of course, it's just a big ticket item that might make people more likely to pull the trigger on a dubious offer.
  16. I just throw away all my old Sage rods. I figure if I can't cast a 2 wt. 100 feet then nobody can.

    I too have always wondered about people selling brand new SAGE rods. I have a couple but bought them used and they seem to work just fine.

    I took the advise of Salmo G I think one time when he said to try the Cabela's three forks rod. I think I paid like $ 49.00 for it and it is the funnest 3 wt. I have ever had.

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  17. What I dont understand is why Sage chooses to release a new rod series every year. While it is great for people like me who like sales, rod technology is not like bow technology. A rod you bought 5 years ago is not obsolete. Like really whats so "great" about the one over a z-axis?

  18. Marketing.

    Sage is known, by far in my opinion, the experts on this strategy. Just look at the amount of money they spend on "getting the word out" about their new and up coming products. I met a guide on the river 2 years ago (who jokingly mocked) the sales rep pushing the inside sales guys at his fly shop, to get the word out on their "latest" rod.

    It's nothing new, but if you're good at it.... it creates $$$, and that's all that matters to them.

    Compare them to Winston. Up until about 2 years ago, they wouldn't change their rods for 5 or 6 years.
  19. This thread got me thinking about the rods I have obtained over the years. I realized that the only rod I bought new was a bass pro shops $75 rod that was my first rod.

    Like others have said, I don't know where or how people get these new condition Sage rods but I sure do like buying them from them! I really really like my Sage One and would love to buy more in different wts for the right prices.

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  20. A couple possible reasons:

    Buying a Sage One as a trout rod (below 6 wt) seems like overkill; more technology than needed to get the job done in most instances. I can see why someone might resell their 4 wt. I doubt you will see many 6, 7, or 8 wt One rods up for sale by their rightful owners, especially those who fish the salt. The lighter weight is a big advantage.

    Many fly rod resales are stolen equipment. Maybe the new Sage rods are a popular target?

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