Why is everyone selling Sage One's

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by William Wallace, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. I confess I am a mixed bag of nuts when it comes to fast and slow rods. For my trout rods (for example) I have two, and the one that bends to the cork gets used way more than the one that is "whippy stiff." For double haul casts, the stiff stick just plain sucks. Maybe a wolf ambush line would get it rocking, but I trout fish so little, it'll be a while before I try another line.

    For the long rods, I have to say I am in love with the faster sticks. However, it really is only the butt section that is stiff ("tip flex") and so maybe it's really a slower rod with a stiff extension...

    The first switch I bought is definitely full flex, and is replacing a much faster single handed rod that was being used in a switch capacity. I like the fuller flex of the switch.

    Like I said, mixed bag of nuts.

  2. I got my 6wt for a steal, used rods go for more than I paid! ;-)
  3. My Sage One was the best casting rod I have ever owned, and I could cast further with it then any rod I've ever owned. Dry line, sinking line, intermediate, didn't matter, the One would launch it. Only problem was I didn't enjoy fishing with it at all. So I no longer own the One.

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  4. You know, that perfectly describes the casting action of this 10' 8wt rod built on a Sage blank that I bought used several years ago. If you cast as you described, a sick amount of line will go spitting out the guides with minimal effort. It took me a while to figure that stroke out, having cast only TFOs before. Unfortunately, I haven't found myself in a lot of situations where that rod would be my first choice, outside of the salt (I haven't gone down the steelhead route yet...). It sure is fun when I have the excuse to use it, though. Is that how Sage rods in general cast?

    Just the same, I would love to get a 8' or 8.5' 5wt that casts like that. Anyone have a Sage in that size they want to unload, come April or May when I'll be home again?


  5. Could you explain a little more about why you didn't enjoy fishing with your Sage One? The casting was good, but not the fishing with it? What gives? Was it a "feel" or "sensitivity" thing or that fish seemed to either failed to get a good hook-set or just kept coming unpinned--as if the rod was jinxed? I think there are people out there who know what I mean.

  6. Well, I'm not good with describing flex and recovery and feel, but I just didn't enjoy casting it. It felt fine in my hand but when you start swinging the rod back-and-forth I didn't like it. I don't have a bunch of lines to try but I did try a Rio GPX and gold in the appropriate line weight and neither really made the rod feel better. It loaded a bit differently but it didn't feel any more enjoyable. Don't know if it was taper or what but it just wasn't an enjoyable rod for me to fish with. People always say cast a rod before you buy it because it's very subjective and personal and it really is. I have no doubt the One is a fantastic rod for those who enjoy it's feel and it is a great caster if you are measuring distance and accuracy but I just didn't connect with it.

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  7. To answer the original question---check out the theory of diffusion of technology. The same principle applies to fishing gear.
    gives you a start on understanding why...if that is truly what you were looking for. A more detailed description is available on line if you want better information.
  8. Of all my 5 wt's, my wife casts the ONE best. She's improving to the point of only being a really bad caster. That's a big improvement over abysmal when casting the others. I'll keep it.
  9. :rolleyes:
    Why is that, Gene. I mean, it is the internet. It has to be gospel. :rolleyes:
  10. And this is a fine example of different rods for different people because I bought a 5wt custom build Sage One from Mike, which presumably is the same rod he is describing. I can't get enough of this rod. I own 9 rods currently and have owned many more than that, with most of them being Sage. I love both of my Sage Ones and they are currently my favorites. Seem to load well for me at all the fishing distances. I have been using it with a Rio Gold 5wt.
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  11. Yep... Same rod Mark. Different rods for different people. Another example of why people should actually casts rods to see what is best for them rather than take other peoples opinions. I am glad you are enjoying it!

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  12. I don't have an opinion on the One. But I've read countless times the admonishion that "you should cast the rod" to see if you like it. Good advise most of the time I guess. But in my own experience, when I was starting out I didn't even know what I liked. As I improved over the years I did learn what I liked (most). Still later I came to appreciate different actions for different purposes. All I'm saying I guess is that if you have no frame of reference its tough to know, and other opinions are worthy to hear.
  13. perhaps because if you call yourself number one it does not make you one. On contrary quite often :-(
    Tried it few times to see.

    Do not kill me for that post!

    -Old boring Winston guy
  14. Perhaps one piece of the puzzle is that buying rods is a "trend". Some have to have the newest thing out there. I see similarities in the golf community.
  15. Seems like there may be significant recoil against the super fast action. Also, this rod, like the Xi3, may be better cast with a line at one over the rod weight. I bet a 6wt rio gold on a 5wt one casts a whole lot better. I still love Sage's older rods where the action isn't so insanely stiff and fast. If you were used to casting stuff like the RPL you may not like the new stuff at all
    I know I prefer Sages "moderately" priced rods over their top of the line stuff for the slightly slower action and a weight rating that's more "true"

    I think having to over line a rod is a little ridiculous, and is likely EXTREMELY confusing and frustrating for mid and lower skill level casters
  16. Myself .... I can cast most any rod well enough ... but I don't like the One for $775.00
    Maybe soon I will buy one used...
    ZXL and Z-Axis and SLT I love.

    Also ... IMHO Sage needs to step up aesthetics/cosmetics just a little bit ....
    I am having separation anxiety selling my T&T and Orvis rods just because they are so damn good looking...

    I hope Sage does better than the One this August ... YMMV
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  17. As one who enjoys slower action rods, notably fiberglass, if I fished saltwater more, I'd venture to guess that a One would be in my arsenal. Having played around with a friends One, they are basically hand cannons.

    All that said, if you're having to throw a line that is basically a 6 or 7wt line to get your "5wt" One (or insert other outrageously stiff rod) to load and cast, well guess what, it's not a 5wt.

  18. Great point David, but I still think it is good advice to cast rods when you can. One of my first rods was a full-flex Orvis. I sold it because I didn't like it, I didn't like it because I couldn't cast it. It was my first rod so I didn't know anything about fast versus slow....I just knew it was too much of a noodle so it didn't cast well (blame the rod right :D) . As I have been fortunate enough to cast more rods and have improved, I now know that I don't like super fast rods or super slow rods. I think I fall somewhere in the moderate action range, but I would still love to have that Orvis back and give it another shot. Even if I would have been able to cast the One, or the Orvis before buying in my early years, I probably wouldn't have known that I would ultimately like it or not, but I would still start to learn about rods in a way that is more informed that just buying and selling (which I have done a lot of). At least you will learn if you are casting various rods side by side, or with someone who can explain action to you.
    So I agree with your point, no one should be admonished for anything as they learn their way through this hobby. And personally, I search the threads on rods I am considering buying, and while I don't put to much credibility into the "shootouts" (due to hidden agendas) I still enjoy reading them. I also don't have a problem with anyone asking questions about rods on the board. It helps to hear others experiences even if it won't tell me whether or not I will like it, or if it will suit me. Having said that, I still think it is good advice to go cast a rod before you buy, if you can, so you can learn a bit about it before you buy it. Especially if you are with someone who can help you learn and understand the rod a little bit better.
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  19. I agree Mike. Fortunately I never sold my first rod, a nearly 30 year old Sage 5wt. I've recently put it back in play and love it, partly because of the nostalgia. I've caught more fish on this rod than all the others put together. Fast in it's day maybe, today it would be considered moderate. It does everything I want a 5/6 to do, and in some ways better maybe than 3 or 4 newer rods. Could have saved a couple K there but hey, it's part of the journey I guess. Oddly enough though, a couple other rods that I cast quite a bit prior to buying, were later sold.
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  20. On Evans podcast they interviewed this kid who does international ff competitions and he underlines his rod by 5 line weights. Was pretty amusing to hear

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