Why is everyone selling Sage One's

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by William Wallace, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Golfman44,

    How would he underline a 000wt? LOL, try to cast some 6x?

    I have done that also screwing around to see what lines I could cast on various rods I own. Done same thing by casting a 3wt or 4wt on my 10' 8wt. Can I cast it yes! Do I have to change my stroke and timing, hell yes. What a lot of people have mentioned I understand about, one need to cast the rod first, no impulse buying. With rods being so fast people are use to having a lot of flex in the rod, so a lot of people over line to get that flex for their timing.

    I love the deep flex of the old western series Orvis graphite's, in fact still own a 9'3" 7wt that is a bomb to cast, most people would pick it up false cast twice and say it sucks compared to current day graphite. But that is what I grew up with and I am mentally trained to cast.

    But when I cast the Sage ONE 9'6" 5wt, it seemed so natural to cast for me. I love the fast recovery of the rod and would love to own it, only if I could afford. I will keep saving money and someday I will have enough when someone sells it at my price!

    We need to get out fishing again! Want to hit the Yak soon!

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  2. I think if he is casting competitively for distance that does make some sense. With the lighter line he should be able to carry more line in the air without overloading the rod.
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  3. He was throwing a 000 weight line on a 10' 3 wt rod with 20ft leader haha. He Czech nymphs apparantly, not a distance casting comp.

    Yak it is! Just bought a 2 person scadden, seat is always open for you William (once I take it solo a few times to get confident on the oars of course).
  4. It matters in golf tho!
  5. Beats me then......not sure what the advantage of that would be.....
  6. If that's what he uses Czech nymphing, why bother with fly line at all? Of course you wouldn't be able to make the claim of 5 line wts in an interview...
  7. Comp regs require a fly line, also sometimes you still need to cast (though if its a heagy nymph its q lob)

    The 000 will also have less memory then mono, allowing a better feel, while also makong leader changes easier.
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  8. OK, wasn't aware of the regs. However, as I understand it, the Czech method is similar to high sticking which would seldom use the 20ft. leader he's using. Do the regs require the use of fly line, or just that you have one?
  9. He mentioned he would prefer a longer leader but it is capped at 2x rod length, so he is stuck at 20ft. Thats why he uses the really light fly line, since it behaves as basically a long leader. He used to use a 40' leader but that is not allowed anymore, so he goes with 20' and the 000wt.


    2:00:00 mark (2hour)
  10. For me the Sage One! Really is the One.

    I was on the Yak with the 590 today.

    I love that rod! I'm definitely not selling mine.
  11. Crap !

    I guess I gotta cast a 9'6" 4wt .....

    Living on Ramen noodles as it is....
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  12. I much prefer the Scott Radian, way cooler company that is still true to roots.
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  13. The One is merely a wanna be XP... old school rods rule :)
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  14. I cant tell you guys how freakin' torn I am about buying or not buying one....
    Unless I can get a steal of a deal on a used ONE .... I think I will hold out and
    see what Sage comes out with in August.

    In the meantime I plan on picking up some older model Sage rods as soon as my fiduciary sitchyation improves.
  15. Oh So Nice!!!! Another believer! :D

  16. You know, there's more truth in that than we all want to admit.

    I made a Sage 490 LL back in the 90's... oh man.
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