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  1. This is in response to the thread on Why we do this and to just add a little more insight from one Veterans view to give you just a glimpse inside......

    I can fully relate to him and every other Iraq Veteran. I was involved in a IED blast that was less than 100 yds. from an Iraqi check point. The IED was placed there the night before and was for our convoy. The blast was so big it threw me against the back hatch of the gunners turent and down inside the MRAP, causing a back injury which is ending my career in the Army. I wish it was the only injury but, there are injuries far worse than physical. I also suffer from PTSD, Severe Depression and Anxiety along with Agoraphobia which is the fear of going outside and being around people. The Tinitus is so bad at times, I can't hear anything but the Tinitus. If it were'nt for fly fishing and the ability to get out by myself and enjoy the calming effects and sounds of the brooks and streams I fish, the 4th time trying to commit suicide may have be the last time. Here it is four years after the tour in Iraq and most days I am back there somehow. The Winters tend to be the worst for me. My wife has said many times that her husband never came back from Iraq, just a hollow shell of what used to be him came back. I do get better day by day and thank God every day that my wife has stayed with me, even after everything I have put her through.

    This rant was not to take over the thread of the Veteran who deserves his story to be told but, to bring awareness to other Veterans that suffer everyday and to give you a slight insight to what I and other Veterans go through. Thou I have only skimmed over what we go through, I think the point is brought across so, anytime you see a Veteran from any war, take the time to shake their hand and say thank you and let them know you are thankful for what they have sacrificed.
  2. If you ever get to eastern WA, I'll take you fishing. And we can go to Idaho or Montana too.

    My first PHWFF event I found myself fairly surprised by the lack of obvious physical damage, and the seemingly common mental damage. There were some very frank discussions going on around the fire. It made me resolve to continue to volunteer with PHWFF. God bless you and your wife. I hope time heals you.
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  3. Thanks man. I appreciate the invite.
  4. I've been working this program for years now. There are a LOT of soldiers with physical damage, just most aren't noticeable at first (or at all). But yes, there are alot with emotional problems. That's where you're right, the program really helps there.

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