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  1. The stream and the brookies in them.I explored a pretty little stream last night on the way home from work. I only had a half hour, but my rod was already strung, just had to slip on waders. I caught several pretty, little wild brookies, and one redband. I can't wait to explore this area more, especially the beaver ponds I found right before I turned back. Skeeters were insane, and I saw four bear. Left some rubber on the road missing one that ran out on a blind corner. Hitting deer always sucks, but dealing with an injured bear is a nightmare. IMG_20130520_172513.jpg IMG_20130520_171650.jpg IMG_20130520_171403.jpg IMG_20130520_162913.jpg
  2. Sweet! Looks like fun.
  3. Great little stream, looks like one you could spend some time on exploring and beaver ponds too....Excellent!!
    Nice photo of the bears as well. Thanks
  4. Cool pics, those cubs are awesome.

  5. TJ,
    You've got some great country over there. Thanks for the report and pics.
  6. Thank you for the post. :) I love those little streams. People often overlook them for the big water.
  7. Cool o rama !!
  8. Man I love the area you live in.
  9. Explored another one last night and caught my biggest brookie to date. 21 inches, out of a creek. I always thought I'd break the twenty mark on a brookie in a lake
  10. Triploidjunkie always finds the best spots to fish:) Beautiful pictures!
  11. Where do you work, junkie? I see that you live in Grand Coulee ... just want to figure out what your route from work to home is ... :D
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  12. what we need is a photo that shows both him & his truck , then we'll know what vehicle to keep an eye out for!!!! this is an old steelheaders trick find out what the hotshots drive and you'll soon know where the secret holes are ????
  13. The bear cub picture gives you the color and make of his truck(for the sharp eyed).

    There is a similar creek near here that runs through some exceptionally wild country that contains, I believe, 4 species of trout. I would like to fish it more but it is in the heart of bear(both kinds) and cougar country. A lot of brush beating has to be done to fish it, definately a job for young strong guys. Unlike streams like the San Poil however there are no rattlesnakes to worry about.

    Bring a big bore pistol and a short 2 or 3 weight and come give it a go.

  14. I've I know we covered this but where are you at? This old guy may just take you up on that!
  15. I make my own secret spots, and yes there are a few locals that catch on quick by noticing where I park(I've since gotten smarter and hide my truck if possible) , but like OMJ says,"follow those squiggly blue lines."
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  16. Thats why I like to park next to a devils club thicket where I meet my fishing partner & drive off in their rig to fish the day
  17. lol! I have to tell you, unless you know the man well, you would never find him. Except me;) Just call me the great white fly fishing hunter!
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  18. If I ever caught a 21 inch brookie from a small stream, I'd get a reproduction mount for sure. That has to be about as rare as a 30 pound steelhead or 90 pound Chinook.
  19. I pulled a sixteen inch brook out of the same plunge pool Monday:) I'm working on wrangling exclusive access to the ranch water across the road. It looks just like a spring creek, though it drains two lakes.
  20. What a great adventure, enjoyed the report and photos.

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