Wild Reverence Fall Tour

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    Alrighty Gents, time to saddle up

    We've finalized the 7 city tour of Wild Reverence by Shane Anderson, and I fully expect all of you to be at the city you can be at, and let anyone know who is around that they should be there

    The film is a labor of love, taking 2 years and countless hours to complete

    Here's the vimeo link

    Here are the cities, and their appropriate FB event pages to keep you informed
    Spokane Sept 12th

    Bozeman Sept 16th

    Boise Sept 17th

    Reno Sept 18th

    Tahoe Sept 20th

    Portland Sept 28th

    Seattle Oct 2nd

    The Wild Steelhead Coalition are presenting these dates, but there will be possibly others coming out later. Thanks to Patagonia for grant help and we hope you can all make it to the city you're closest to.

    let me know if you have any questions, and Keep the Wild Wild
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    Great movie. Everyone should see it. Especially people who don't fish and/or have no idea of the situation facing the wild ones.
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  3. A showing in walla walla is in the works. Possibly early oct or dec
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    I'd go to the one in Bozeman if it wasn't at night. I don't drive through Montana after dark. I don't like hitting deer at night. They can mess up a car at 70 MPH. I know.
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    Let me know if you need a volunteer, I'm game :)
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    Bump, ticket river links are up on all the FB pages to secure your seat at the dance!
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    BUMP, we roll tomorrow in Spokane. Eastside boys and girls, come on out!