Wilderness Fishing Flies...

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  1. I'll post a pic of it the next day or so.
  2. On the few of our little streams that have fish over 12", I like a hi-vis black foam cricket in size 10. Got some massive cutties on a Clark Fork trib in September when nothing was hatching.
  3. My favorite way to fish in the wilderness is dynamite... no witnesses.
  4. Do you have a recipe for these Dupont Spinners . . . :eek:
  5. Pheasant Tail Nymph
    Wright's Royal
    Caddis Dry
    Wooley Bugger
    Grasshopper Dry
  6. But wilderness fish are so small, you won't have anything left after explosion. :D
  7. Here's the Pheasant Tail Flymph I use;



  8. The heck with that, throw dynamite at them, you got a meal for 30 people in the wilderness, save your energy you might have to get out of there someday. Unless there stockers, then they're not that sophisticated, I recommend white corn.

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