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  1. I know a fisher men we are all thought of to add a few inches to are tails. So I figured I would take the chance to hear some of your tails and how out there they are? So give me your wildest story's and they have to be true. I mean we won't really know if they are true but thats the point of a good fish tail.
  2. Sageman has a great one but it is not fly fishing related, he actually won money for it, maybe he will chime in.

    When I was still fairly new to the sport and kicking around in my float tube on an opening day lake, my back cast fell too far back and when I tried to pull it forward it was stuck in the water but on a fish. It took me awhile to figure out what was happening.

    I caught a trout at the Ford once while dapping that pushed it's mouth all the way out of the water to eat my scud that was suspended 2" above the water.

    Again in my younger days I figured out how to cast for bats in the evening and I managed to land and safely release a few.

    I've landed more than one fish in a manner the hook of my fly was not hooked into the fish, where the fish just ended up all wrapped up in my fly line, once where the fish initially took my indicator first and then either wouldn't let go or wrapped himself up after letting go, either way the indicator was still in his mouth and the flies were trailing behind him. The same exact thing happened to a friend of mine only 6 years before me.
  3. In Alaska...on an eddy pool area of a well known river there were four of us spread out like at a gunfight at OK Corral. We casted and landed are flies center pool within mini - seconds of each other.....and within two seconds we all had 10- 15 lb. silvers on....Holy-be-jesuus...that was quit a scene locked in my mind. And those alaska fish are cubed (X3) tougher fighters than washington's...I felt like we would all cross lines fighting them but we didnt... we avoided it even though we all dropped our flies within a 3' diameter of the center pool....Wow! Silver surge....:eek:
  4. I once hooked a brown bat on my backcast. As I brought the line foreword, the bat fell in the lake, and was immediately hammered by a Northern Pikeminnow. Somewhere in the commotion the fly was transferred from the bat to the fish. The bat flew off, and I fought the fish briefly before it too got off. True story, scouts honor :rolleyes:
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  5. I was fishing with Rick Matney one time. He was using balloons as an indicator. Well we beached and he was going for something or other, but he was not there. I was playing around in the Madison with the balloon and my fly. don't remember what fly I had on. Well I got a hit on the Balloon and brought in a small RB. It wouldn't let go of the balloon. I got it off the balloon and returned the fish to the water and the balloon had it's teeth marks in it. Weird to say the least. And that was the only fish I caught that day.
  6. As a young kid, I used to fish a river above a lake, throwing spoons for whatever was hanging about. One day when I threw my spoon across the stream some ducks were flying up river from the lake. I did not see them, and I happened to throw my line exactly in the flight path of the birds. A hen collided with the line and I remember clearly watching the spoon loop around the the leg of the bird. She was firmly wrapped up, with the spoon dangling 2' behind her. I panicked and cut my line and she flew away with a metallic green teardrop spoon dangling behind. Was my favorite spoon too...:confused:
  7. I hooked a dead pig in a burlap bag once. Being the sportsman I am I released it back into the water.

    You might wonder how I knew it was a dead pig. I had to check.
  8. Another spoon story: long before I started fly fishing back in the late 70's I was fishing for trout on the Green River here in WA by the Flaming Gorge area. i had this inexpensive spinning real and the spool came off. After replacing the spool I realized I lost the little disc that controlled the drag, I figured, no biggey, the trout in here are small. After an hour or so of being bored, I puth this chrome hammered spoon on which I knew were good for steelhead. There was a deep hole in front of me and I realized the drag wouldn't work, but basically I was dinking around thinking maybe a trout or steelhead would grab it. Wouldn't you know, first cast in the deep hole I see tjis large silvery shape head straight for my spoon, seconds later this decent sized steel head surfaces out of the water and takes off. In the meantime across the river a guy had been watching me fish, I look up at him and he is now looking down at something. I say to myself "oh crap,i can't land this fish without a drag I can't even play him. I press my thumb on the monofilament line against the rod handle, my thumb feels the line burn, the fish cintinues to run, I then think...OK, maybe just a miniscule amount of tightening may create a drag...wrong. the line snaps. a few people were sunbathing about 25 yrds away during all of this, they walk by me about 5 minutes later and I ask...did you see that fish? They said no and they both said "we thought we heard someone jump in the river! True story, I still kind of wished thatI would have let the steelhead run all of my line out just to have the thrill of it.
  9. We were pheasant hunting in the Sunnyside area of South Central Washington. We were working along an irrigation canal and a good shot brought down a rooster, but in the water. One of my fellow hunters remembered that he had a spinning rig in the van and was able to "catch" the pheasant and we were able to land the bird.
  10. One opening day my friend cast out and snagged something. He reeled it in and it was a rod and reel. He then reeled in the rod he snagged that had a trout on the other end.

    Saw a big female largemouth cruising in the shallows and cast ahead of her. Bang started fighting her and after a short while she came of. There was still something on the line. I reeled it in and I had snagged a line that was coming out of her mouth. That line was down the throat of a half digested trout.
  11. 3 years ago I was on the NF CW and it was getting to be dusk so I tied on the good Ol' Adams and I ended up hooking a bat. It was a short lived fight but still left me standing there with my mouth open wondering if that really just happened.
  12. I chit my waders once and.kept fishing all day on the methow
  13. Surf perch fishing at Bodega Bay, cast out after the wave broke and the line went slack, so I set the hook. damn laughing gull fell out of the sky to my right. "Bird-on", so proceeded to land it.

    All was fine until it got within 5 feet of me, then it was man vs gull. dropped the rod, stood on the fly line and chased the SOB around. The bird was pissed off in a bad way. every time I went to grab it, it bit at me. as a last resort, hand lined it, and kicked sand to distract and grabbed it. OK bird in hand, now the release...

    That bastard bit down on the skin between my thumb and pointer finger and was trying to tear it off. Triple fly set-up and had two flies hooked; one in the body and one in the wing. Snip, snip, snip as quick as possible with one hand, while cursing the bird and cursing at the pain. Bugs retrieved, bird freed from all line, it was released safely and flew off.

    Boogie board dude behind me offered no help, said not a word and moved away towards the surf.
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  14. I was at the San Juan in NM and a 16 year old kid downriver from me landed a rainbow that somehow, and I have no idea how, had a bottle of floatant attached to it.
  15. This winter on the Mad river, I caught and released a 10 pound steelhead. About 20 minutes later I caught the same steelhead. I am positive of it. Same size, didn't fight the second time, and had the same distinct diagonal scar on it's head.
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  16. I landed 2 steelhead at the same time on one rod. I wish I could say that is was fly fishing but this was pulling divers on the Wynoochee river. Had a takedown and the fish crossed the other line before I could reel it in. Then it went down. Thought it was the crossed line but nope we had a double. At this point the fish were both going airborn in different directions and the lines were completely toasted. Then my buddy's line snapped above the diver and I now had two steelhead going off my rod at a Y from the tangled divers. I managed to get both fish on the bank! A 12lb buck and 10lb hen. The whole time I thought for sure they were gonna get off. My buddy Chris and I just looked at eachother in disbelief. It was one in a million.

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  17. Hooked a resident silver. Harbor seal saw said silver and went for it. The seal executed a perfect coho roll and got tangled up past the leader and into the fly line. Was afraid cutting the line would result in the seal drowning. Hand over handed the "small" seal to the beach. It showed it's appreciation by smiling and singing my praise. The sight of those teeth and that incessant braying blocked up all of my synapses. Those things are crazy flexable and every approach was quickly aborted. Started pulling the line towards it's tail when I could get it's head away from me and was able to slide the tangled mass off of it. It just stood there and barked at me. I thought it might be injured and started heading toward my truck to get to a pay phone (pre cell phone days) and call 911. It started to follow me! I stopped and it stopped and just kept barking. After a minute or so of this I charged it and it fumbled it's way into the sound, swam out 20 feet or so and started barking again. I went home.
  18. That was a good story one where it could be a tail or the truth good story
  19. I once caught a fish by hooking the loop on a snelled hook that somebody else had left in the fish`s mouth .
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  20. I have many crazy stories, spending alot of time flyfishing in the backcountry, but the craziest originates close to home. About seven or eight years ago I was fishing Rufus down along the nespelem area. There was a steep bank of scree and gravel behind me, making casting difficult, but I was still hooking up regularly. It was getting close to dusk when I noticed a very large cinnamon colored bear mosey down to the water and start drinking one hundred yards upriver. He then proceeded to walk straight at me along the shoreline. I made noise and threw rocks in the water until he reluctantly scrambled up the bank to go around me. I continued fishing, not thinking much of it. About that time a boat pulled anchor up at the pens and started motoring by me back to the launch. The stopped and pointed and waved, yelling about a huge bear right behind me. I told them we were aware of one another. The shook their heads in disbelief and kept going. I suddenly hooked a good fish, and temporarily forgot about the situation. I played the six pound rainbow in, and was preparing to land it when the fly pulled out. The flyline flew back in my face, and not wanting a tangle I used the inertia to quickly roll cast the slack out the other direction. When I turned to execute this maneuver, I was shocked to find the bear at my right shoulder. It had circled and snuck right up on me. By reflex more than anything I whipped my flyrod over the bears head, breaking my favorite Sage. The bear backed off, surprised, and giving me a whipped puppy look, like why did you do that? Then he started jumping up and down, woofing at me. Oh shit!!! I put a Volkswagen sized boulder between us just as he charged. He chased me around that rock for a good fifteen minutes while I desperately called everyone in my directory seeing if anyone was close by with a rifle. About the time I was contemplating a November swim for the boatlaunch around the corner the400 pound bear lost interest and finally moved along. But he was still between me and my truck. I waited a few minutes, collected my shattered nerves, and made a dash to my truck. Three nights later Sgt. Phillips shot the problem bear as it tried to relieve a group of fishermen of their stringer of fish while they were cleaning them at the boatlaunch. It turns out it was a dump bear that got to used to coming down a eating discarded fish guts. So much so that it became territorial over the spot.
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