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  1. Peeps,

    Wifey wants to go wine tasting in Aug. 5 millionth aniversary and all.

    Eastern WA or BC. Any cool places to stay - B&B? VRBO?. Her idea of roughing it is no room service or no kitchen. Short drive (able to be cabbed) or walk to wine or music is best. I drink a lot. I don't drink and drive.

    Info on bus type tours welcome.

    Go Sox,
  2. Good wine local, no need to travel like steelhead.
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  3. I vote for Walla Walla.
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  4. My wife digs the Walla Walla scene. I usually go fishing when she heads there with the ladies. She brings back good wine. Walla Walla Vintners is one to check out for tastings.
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  5. There's good wine on the Kitsap Penninsula??
  6. Stayed here years ago. Not rustic or cheap, but a pretty cool place to stay in Walla Walla.
    We stayed in the Chicken Coop.
    We hired a driver to tour us around. Details of that are a bit foggy.
  7. My wife likes some of the Walla Walla wines. But loves some of the wines in the Yakima valley. We do a yearly tour now. Tons of small micro vineyards. Selah can take you all day alone. I wish I knew the name of service, but they have a bus that drives you tasting room to tasting room. I'm not a wine drinker, so I'm the DD. We've home based at Red's (that way I can go out and sling a line after they pass out lol). Prosser area also has some fantastic micro vineyards too. We still haven't hit them all.
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  8. It seems between this post and logan mike's that Wall Walla is the best for wine. I gotta believe that BC (Kelowna) would be prettier, and I'd love to see some more of BC. OTOH, it'd be tough not to stop and fish in BC, simultaneously pissing off the wife.
    I'm leaning towards Walla Walla. Any other recomendations for places to stay? Much appreciated peeps.

    Go Sox,
  9. Best Western in Walla Walla. Clean, predictable and cheap with an easy walk to downtown so need to drive. No, it's not the Marcus Whitman, but it costs about 75% less.

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  10. Not a wine drinker here. The last time I drank some wine, I was so wasted I swore off wine drinking for good. The bad shit will make you go blind.
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  11. Naramata, just north of Penticton has some great wineries and B&Bs......a thought.....
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  12. I would go to Napa if I was you! So many good wineries and places to stay! If in WA, Walla Walla or Yakima area would be good too.
  13. Not Kitsap local, althought there a couple of small operations. Meant Washington local over seeing Charles travel out of state/country.
  14. Did you go to school at Berkeley??

    Thunderbird is a FINE California wine from the Modesto appellation area.

    Hey PM me on your fishing trip EAST.
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  15. When I was younger I used to drink a lot of that. When I was in the Service and stationed at Fort Eustis, we used to drink Three Bears Wine. But that was when I was about 18 or 19. Or maybe Pomerille(sp) wine , Loganberry.
  16. t-bird and Mountain Dew, the original cowboy cooler. loved by college kids everywhere!
  17. Thunderbird has got nothing on the Mad Dog....MD 20/20.
  18. If you come to my town, here are few bits of (hopefully useful) information...

    Some in-town events during the time of your stay (open Mic, etc.)

    Drinking Hotels: Best Western and La Quinta (both on 2nd) have reasonable reputations and are close to downtown. The Vinyard Inn (formerly a Pony soldier) has had a recent remodel, but in the last three years or so was also renting a room to a methlab. Probably fine, but full disclosure is appropriate. Also right near down. There is also a Travelodge that is close to downtown.

    The Whitman Hotel is nice, no idea what the service is like, and it's probably more expensive.

    Eats...well I think we have some pretty good options.

    - My favorite place to eat is Tiki Teriyaki on rose street. It may look like fast food, but it is not. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

    - Next favorite place would be Taqueria Yungapeti on 9th street. Like a really good taco truck, but in a building. Fish burrito is my favorite, with the hot Verde sauce.

    - Downtown...Maple Counter (almost all breakfast themed...ginormous portions), Green Spoon (expensive, smaller portions but excellent) and The Olive (deli/sandwich shop very cool building inside). I would be remiss if I did not mention Wing and a Prayer BBQ. It's the shit, and (full disclosure) owned by a good friend of mine.

    Drinks...oddly enough I don't drink much wine, or downtown at all. But I know nobody complains that they cannot find some place to get it on. Charles Smith has a place on South Spokane Street that is a remodeled garage. I think it is a tasting room that also hosts events.

    I am a fan of three rivers (out on the old highway west of town) and my favorite wines came from Yellow Hawk cellars, which sadly went out of business a few years ago.

    If you get stuck on a back country road while you are here, look me up and give me a call, I'll rescue you :)

    Oh is a local listing...

    I know the Dream Rides folks and I think they have a good rep, I've certainly not heard anything bad but I have never had a wine tour in my life, so take my input for what it is...kind of useless.
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