Winston BIIX vs BIIIX

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  1. Anyone here have both? If so, I was wondering what the difference is. I "heard" that basically all the did was stiffen up the top section. I love my 4wt, but have broke my 8wt twice, both times the top section right above the Ferrel.

    Any insight would be great. Thinking of a 6wt, but don't know if I should just get a used 2X or save up for the 3X.
  2. Dave,

    Mark Mercer on here may be able to help you. He's a Winston connoisseur. We fish together, but he has so many Winstons I can never figure out which one he is using! He knows those rods pretty well. :)
  3. Love my Biix and my GVX. I've played with the 3X and the tip is stiffed than the 2x, for a 6wt I would look at a Bii-MX (good deals on clearance) or a Biii. I don't like buying used rods because of a lack of warranty. Just my $.02.
  4. Thanks Larry. I might shoot him a PM.

    Scotty, do you have a MX? I haven't cast one, but just holding it in my hand it feels like a 2x4! I think that's a pretty fast rod isn't it? Not sure if I want something that rigid, but like I said, I haven't cast one yet. I know what you mean on the second hand rods and no warranty. Maybe I should build a iiix and save some $$$....
  5. No I wish I had a 6wt MX Played around with one, yes it is stiff, but in my opinion a wt isn't for finesse but for chucking large dries, dropper rigs, streamers etc! My 6 is a Z so I figured to skip the MX to keep the wifey happy. Good luck!
  6. Dave, it depends on what you want it to do. I have two biix's a 9'4wt and 9'5wt and two biimx's in a 9'6" 5wt and 9'6" 6wt. I've cast the biix 6wt a few times and always wanted one but didn't really have need for it, imo it is probably the best rod in that series, great med/fast rod for all around trout fishing. The only down side (if you want to call it that) is the soft tip, which is nice for tippet protection and dries but looses some accuracy when pushing it for distance or heavier sinking lines. The biiix solved that problem with the stiffer tip but I don't know if I really like it that much better the few times I've cast one.

    The GVX is another option, same taper as the biiix and my 4wt has a nice med/fast action that I would think would be as nice in the 6wt, but I haven't cast one. You can still find a few of them discounted, do to the new GVX select.

    If you want a 6wt for throwing big heavy stuff and sinking lines the biimx is maybe the way to go, I went with the 9'6" version (for both rods) for two reasons, the added length softens a already pretty stiff rod which makes it more enjoyable to cast and it keep my back cast off the beach a little better. My son in Colorado also has the 9'6" 6wt for throwing big weighted stone's and combo rigs in the bigger rivers he fishes and love's it. You really can't go wrong with any one them, just depends on what it's intended purpose is, hope this helps a little, Good luck.

  7. Fishing the two rods side by side. The B3X is everything you want in a fast action rod; its light, has a good deal of power in the butt section, and isn't terribly difficult to cast at most distances. Plus it just looks sexy. That being said the B2X is still my preference. That transition from all graphite tip to the graphite+boron scrim in the butt isn't as smooth on the B3X as it is on the B2X. Personally speaking that is one of the things I love about the B2X, you think the rod is folding over and then forward on the next false cast... "Why hello butt section, nice of you to join the party."
  8. Here is how to figure the difference. Subtract the price of the one that costs the least from the price of the one that costs the most.

    If one train were traveling 45mph and another train...
  9. I've never heard someone explain it that way... but by golly, I think that's what others have tried to explain it like. I've talked to one other guy who has fished with both, and he won't depart from his 6wt 2X.

    Mark, I would mostly (95% of time) go after the bigger browns and bows between 18-24", (6wt) and be chucking big uglys. Oh, and the occasional carp :). I just don't like the MX "feel", but again, I haven't cast one... Most, not all, but most guys that have the 2X don't want to give it up, but I think I'm leaning 3X before MX. Most of my casting (if not all) will be with dry line and under 50ft.

    What is the GVX stock? IM7 or similar?
  10. Madison River Fly fishing company has the BII-X blank on clearance (~200) -8wt 10' blank. You could put one together with the BII-MX saltwater hardware for another $150 they sell the kit with a blank purchased from them with everything to match factory colors if you choose, so...might be worth considering
  11. i love my b2x's however have not casted the b3x
  12. I absolutely love my 5wt BIIIX. Just a stunning rod. I will also say I don't nearly enjoy my 6wt BIIMX as much. However, the IIMX feels like a much more substantial rod. The BIIIX is so light that it just doesn't feel like enough rod for my heavier flies. I got the BIIMX for carp, bulls, and a true streamer rod. While I don't enjoy casting it nearly as much, I do feel like it is more suited for the tasks that I got it for. I wish I would have casted the BIIIX 6wt, but for the discounted price I got the BIIMX at, I couldn't see spending twice as much money. I also am still experimenting with lines. I just ordered a Rio Grand, hoping the extra weight plus a sink tip (when needed) will help the rod load better and "feel" more enjoyable to cast.
  13. That was my concern too Mike, that it may not want to load as well as it should. Of course, a guy could over line it a wt or two. Or...I could buy the 3X :p
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  14. Dave once I cast mine with the new appropriate line (6wt Rio Grand) I will let you know how it feels. I should have been clear, I only had a 5wt line when I fished it last weekend. So underlining a fast rod isn't exactly a accurate representation of what the rod will do. So I will shoot you a report soon as I can.
  15. Thanks

    LOL! I did that once, except I put a 4wt line on a 6wt (label came off my spare spool). Needless to say, for HALF a season I thought "What the #@$&* is wrong with this thing?!" It's called 'User error'.
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