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  1. A while ago I was watching a fly fishing show called fly fishing the world and it was bass fishing at some lake in Oregon and they fished poppers. It was snowing and they were catching fish, this contradicts everything I know about bass fishing. I have bass fever and think it just might work if I do it right. I'm thinking small dark colored poppers with fairly long pauses. Thoughts?
  2. Without knowing which lake in Oregon, we don't know the water temp. The rule of the bass spin guys is 70 degree water temp before trying a popper. I've tried poppers in cold and coldish water with absolutely no success... no matter the color or type of popper.

    If they were fishing a fairly shallow lake with a lot of bass and possible hot springs, I suppose a popper would be an option but so far, I haven't found any warmwater species lake in Oregon where I can use a popper during January.

    I guess if I was going to try, I'd go for a large mouse pattern or large pencil popper. It seems to me you'd need to make a lot a noise with the popper and provide a large meal for a bass to hit it on the surface.

    I just started trying mouse patterns last Spring and they did work so that would be my first choice.
    Mice and fish are always available to bass but frogs... not so much.

    I would be interested to know what lake they were fishing. It's possible it was a coastal lake where the water temps do not drop like they do elsewhere in Oregon. Or... like I said, maybe they found a lake with a hot springs. Orrrrrrr.... it was actually during the a Spring month and it was a freak snow fall.

    I do remember catching a bass with a popper during February one time but it was during a very mild winter and the pond I was fishing was very shallow. The bluegill were on the bite so I figured I may as well try a bass popper. A single LMB fell for a YBP it but that was all.
  3. Or if they were fishing a lake where the fish were fed pellets, there are some "sportsman" clubs in the midwest where you toss anything near the feeders you start a frenzy no matter how cold it is.
  4. Good point and very possible.
  5. Yeah I thought a hot spring might have had some thing to do with it but I have been dying to fish a popper since I have yet to catch a bass on the surface while fly fishing
  6. How ironic. The only way I can consistently catch a LMB is on the surface. I have more problems catching them subsurface. This summer I plan to change that.

    You have the best chance of catching a LMB during any time of the day during the Spring when the bass are spawning. The males become very aggressive and are located in the shallow water. So, the best time to catch them with a popper is just around the corner.
  7. I've seen that show and I'm pretty sure it was Davis Lake but I don't know what time of year it was. It could have been a late spring or early fall snow shower.
  8. Davis is sore subject for me. The illegal planting of the LMB wiped out a rare, trophy trout flyfishing only fishery. There's a lot to the story so I won't get into it.

    As it can snow just about anytime at the Oregon Cascades Lakes (I've fished Hosmer in June and it started snowing) it is possible and likely the film was shot at Davis Lake.

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