Winter Lake 2

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  1. Jim, you should tie up that stocker clocker!
  2. Gary, I was thinking of tying a color variation of that, using olive-dyed badger for the hackle, but not changing the rest of the materials. I ran out of the natural rich brown furnace that came off a friend's chicken, but the olive badger looks pretty good. I also have some regular brown saddle, if the olive badger looks too light. So mine will probably be the "stocker clocker."
    Unless I get a wild hair during the limbering up process and change my mind.

    There's still plenty of time to inventory tying materials and get what I'm out of, though.
  3. Have you played with the alpaca? I forgot my bag at my mom's, so I am awaiting its arrival via mail......also your box is nearly complete. Hoping it hits the mail by Thursday
  4. Patterns that work would be preferable to those patterns that don't. Now if they also happen to produce well in Winter Months all the better.
  5. i really dont have any patterns in mind that i have more than one variation i tie, was thinkin about a big rubber legged white egg suckin bunny leech i use for big 5-15 lb. brooders on a local lake in the winter and an egg sucking black bear leech i came up with thats become one of the best leech patterns ive ever used.
  6. Gary, Haven't done anything with the alpaca yet. Thanks again for that.
    I was digging thru my materials and found a nice cape of olive-dyed grizzly that looks like it will work better than the olive badger, since its darker. Main thing is that it has to blend with the Chocolate Mint New Age chenille on the body, and the dark brown marabou tail. The rich brown saddle that I have almost looks the most like the furnace that I ran out of, and might be the best substitute. I'll have to tie up some with each color of hackle and go test 'em out. The one that looks best in the lake water to both me and the trout wins.
    I might have to go get more of that furnace hackle. A chicken may have to be killed for this!

  7. I still haven't figured out which pattern to tie. One I'm considering is a #20-22 thread midge which is a good Rocky Ford winter-early spring fly. Just not sure if I want to tie that many "little shits".
  8. 20 down, 2 to go.... Do we have an address to send these to?
  9. Huh? What!!!? done already? I was just about to go out and rummage through some bags of chicken feathers that I have in my garage, and finish inventorying my hook supply.:)
    No tying today. Its sunny. Back outside! Tying prototypes this evening, and Fishing 'em tomorrow. Maybe tying again by weekend.
    No chickens are on the block for this, so no birds will die for this swap. Appears that I'm out of sync with my friend's butchering schedule.

  10. I was aided by the fact that it's a somewhat simple pattern, I work until dark so theres nowhere to fish, and the wife and baby have gone to bed early the last few nights. I;ve been able to really sit and bust them out
  11. LAKE SWAP, Not Spring Creek Swap. Ohhh, maybe I'll do a Rocky Ford Swap Next my scud is killer, but do I want to share it... hmmm?
  12. Thanks for the clarification. I had small chronies on the mind.
  13. Alright folks, I've got 22 flies ready to ship!
  14. Travis, always the first to finish....;)

    No worries, I'm not far behind. Only 6 more to go. Tossing about the idea of tying up an extra 22 in the natural color to go with the yellow color.
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  15. Hey all..I just saw my name in the lineup with a ? mark.Though I would love to I just can not fit i in by the date.I will be out of town for the next 2 weeks and just cant swing it.

  16. Ira, please put me down for that open slot.
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  17. No big deal, next time.
  18. It is yours!
  19. Half done.... I am slow. The "Z" bloodworms

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  20. I'm half done with the first pattern. I'll be doing two chronies in #14. One is a Christmas tree and the other will be a red butt. Both are patterns I use in lakes over here in the Spring.

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