Winter Lake 2

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Gee, I dunno....looks like you used some bent hooks for those.;) I'm even slower...but I'm almost done with the procrastinatin', aka "tying station organizing." Going to get 'em started this afternoon!

  2. Yea, 3xl, light wire hook. Restricted use for small fish. ;-) I have had good luck with this pattern. Learned it last year. The tail leaves a stubborn bump though.

    Now I need to figure out pattern #2.
  3. Finished up the last of my 22 yellow six packs size 14 this morning. I only have 7 hooks of that size left, but I have some in the mail from Allen. I'll start on 22 natural six packs later today. Everyone is getting a Christmas bonus of 2 extra flies from me!
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  4. Christmas trees are finished and one prototype red butt done to see what the red butt portion looks like.
  5. 15/22 done. I'm doing two general nymph patterns that have been very good for me lately.
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  6. C'mon guys, let's see some pics!
  7. Just logged in to confirm that we only are required to tie one pattern for this swap. Its nice that some members are offering to tie up two patterns, but I doubt that I will do a second. If I did, it would be like a really skinny "skinny minnie.":D

    gotta get back to the fumbling.
  8. I think some are tying 2 patterns of 11 flies each to pass out instead of 22 flies of 1 pattern. Same number of flies, just more variety.
  9. Knocked out the rest. IMG_2904.JPG
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  10. I like, I like a lot!

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  11. cant wait! ill knock all mine out in a day or two, just waitin on some pink beads and black bear to arrive in the mail.
  12. If only I had confidence that those patterns would work in still waters. Bummer I have never seen them fished effectively on a lake before with great success. Dude, that is one nice shot.
  13. troutpocket those are really nice1
  14. Hey Guys,

    Wish I had time for this one.Looks like a great lot is building.
    Next time
  15. I'll try to put some pics up later, and pop mine in the mail tomorrow
  16. Oh, OK. Got it. I re-read Ira's original post. Now I think I will tie two patterns, instead of two of the NSC. I had misunderstood that part of the deal. Don't worry, it won't be just a skinny skinny minnie (which is just some black thread for a body and one or two wraps of soft hackle), but will be something a little fatter.

  17. The Rusty Shackleford. Ill have it in the mail today.
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  18. "The rusty Shackleford" sound DIRRRRTY! I look forward to fishing it.
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  19. Flies shipped. Jesus Fedex is expensive. Next time I'll be using a different shipping method

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