Winter Lake 2

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. put them in a box and tell the post office its a book through media mail, very cheap comparatively.
  3. I just use a USPS mailing envelope to send mine.
  4. Yes, USPS usually works best.
  5. The Rusty by Travis is done and here. What an early bird! I like it. Looking forward to the rest.
  6. Mine are in the mail.
  7. Oh Yeah! This early bird thing should definitely become the norm here. I want them all now!!!!!
  8. got my new beads and hooks, just waitin on that damn black bear still.
  9. I tied three versions of the red butt chironomid before I found one I liked.
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  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm workin' on it. But please cool yer jets :cool: cause you ain't gittin' 'em now!

  11. 22 of the yellow done. 12 of the natural and counting...
    looking to be done by Tuesday or Wednesday a mess of six packs.jpg yellow vs natural.jpg
  12. Too much fishing huh, I wish I could say the same. ;)
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  13. troutpockets arrived today and I almost ate one of the patterns myself they were so delicious looking. Dude what you did with that j hook and bit of hackle, ohhhhh that will be killer.
  14. Tied mine last night, now have a bag full of green deer hair clippings. They are in the mail today and should get up to Everett B4 Christmas! At least that what the USPS said.
  15. Mine will hit the mail tomorrow!
  16. Ira, will you update the first post to show which flies have been received and which haven't. I need to know how slow I am.
  17. Only two in so far not counting mine but sure.
  18. I've got the flies finished now but want to post pictures first. Charging up the camera battery.
  19. Bakerite, that is a ton of spun deer hair. I've often wanted to play with a pattern like this but always end up indicatoring to create the same effect. This pattern will change that for me. Nice JOB!
  20. Way to go USPS! That was impressive fast service. Irafly. this is one of the few bugs that I have used that fish will come back to multiple times....I think the deer hair has a lot of "give" so it feels real to them.

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