Winter Lake 2

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. That makes sense. Now if I can figure out how to tie it on a jig with a bead. :)
  2. Here's my two for the fly swap. The first is a red butt chironomid and the second is a christmas tree chironomid.

    DSC_0623.JPG DSC_0624.JPG
  3. Gary Knowles's just arrived and they look as good as the pictures. I'll have to tape up the envelope that you sent the flies in because you must have forgotten to slip your return envelope in there before you sent it out to me. No big, been there.
  4. Sorry, I forgot the return envelope as well. And if the $5 bucks I put in wasn't enough, I'd be happy to send you a check
  5. I completely forgot! If you can tape that guy up for the return that would be great. I'll drop some cash in the mail for your return expense ASAP
  6. Toe tag the flies and include a stamped return envelope.

    One more thing, tie up an extra set for your self so you have a complete set of the winter fly swap.
  7. The $5 was plenty and then some. No big deal.
  8. Really, honestly no big deal. As the swapmeister I expect the occasional miss. I wasn't mentioning to cause guilt, probably shouldn't have said anything at all. My bad.
  9. Chalk it up to being my first swap. Thanks for being so kind.

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  10. I scrapped my #2 fly (bh pheasant tail nymph). Decided a streamer pattern would be better. Last winter this fly did well at Pass and then last weekend it was the hot fly again on Lone when not much else was working. This is Craven's Platte River Special but with liquid lace body.

    Strung hacke is HARD to find right now so I'm using what I have and it's not perfect...

    winter swap.jpg
  11. Zen Leecher, yours showed up today and they will certainly find their way under my indicator this year.
  12. I left the barbs unbent as they stay on the toe tags better that way. Please debarb before using.
  13. ES woodchuck leeches
  14. mine are done. half are tagged, other half will be done tomorrow before i mail em. cant wait!
  15. Ron, yours made it today.

    Jeff my wife was happy to take yours off your hand!
  16. I should have introduced myself! Duh. I was too worried about waking a baby!
  17. Funny, I assumed that you had based on the way my wife said, "some guy dropped these off this morning". I just thought she forgot your name. No big deal, I'll still fish with your again, but mostly because I'm looking forward to your beer.
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  18. McNasty, yours are done and in.

    I have not heard a peep from Maryfish, hmmmm.
  19. I may start doing something different with the "swap flies" and make a shadowbox with them.
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  20. Mailed mine today

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