Winter Lake 2

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  1. Very nice Patrick! Man I can't wait to get the assortment of flies to test out. I think it would be cool if we got a bunch of the swap participants together on a lake and fished ONLY swap flies and compare notes as to the methods and results obtained.
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  2. that'd be a fun time, not to many options right now though.
  3. Unless you live on the West side. Thus the winter swap. I fished Pass this weekend with my pattern and did quite well. I was extremely tempted to take out other peoples patterns from the swap but I know I'd end up losing my patterns before I even sent everyone else out theirs.

    I like the idea a lot. Come on over everyone and we will fish Pass, Lone, Munn, Rattlesnake... I'm open.
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  4. Maybe toward the end of January? That way we can give people enough time to recover from the holidays and maybe help the eastsiders make it over. I have a spare room (my tying room) that I would gladly offer up if someone needed to crash for the night.

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  5. I could make it over in Jan/Feb. Sounds fun.
  6. Finished mine yesterday too late to get 'em mailed, and heading to the P.O. shortly. Took about 3 or 4 times longer than I expected to get 'em done. I'm just too slow at tying. Sheesh!:D

  7. Those are really nicely done streamers!
  8. I agree, I can't wait to try them out. Nice work Jeff.
  9. Thanks guys.
    My intent was to introduce this pattern to more people because it has been so good for me (along with the Platte River Spider Blue tied for one of Ira's previous swaps.)
  10. OK incase you have not heard yet, Patrick and Jim just made it in under the deadline. Mary on the other hand... ? Should we wait for her flies or should I send out tomorrow what I have now?

    Make the call folks, I'm cool either way, but that's easy for me to say because I have all your flies and I don't have to wait anymore to use them.
  11. She hasn't posted since her request to join the swap. I think it's safe to send them out. Send the extra set to Chris Scoones.
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  12. I say send them out on Saturday. Give one extra day. I think she did respond saying she was working on them.....who knows maybe the world ends tomorrow and you won't have to mail anything.

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  13. she said dry/emerger sooo. . .i could wait a day or so
  14. I'm all for an extension until the flies are received.
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  15. Mary's flies are in. Look for all of the flies in the mail after Christmas.
  16. Alright folks, all the flies are in their packages and ready to be shipped tomorrow (Wednesday the 26th) depending on where you are, you should see them this week! Some are tagged, and some are not. My camera is currently sitting in my mother in laws garage up by pass lake so no photos until I'm able to pick it up (Maybe Thursday). I'll be honest I didn't keep track of everyones flies so after I take the photos, I'll need some of you to pipe up and claim them if you didn't tag. No biggie, but I will pester the heck out of you if you forget.
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  17. I also would like to know the names and authors of the flies as I intend to make a shadow box of the Winter Lake set. Speak up or I'll sic Ira on you. And.... you'll be famous over in Moses Lake land.
  18. those are some great flies in this thread

    looking forward to the final pictures of the collection

  19. All the flies are in the mail or on the porch or in a fly box! Good swap guys, good swap.
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  20. i cant wait!

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