Winter Lake 2

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Received my Jar of Flies today - Nice! I look forward to putting them in boxes tonight so I can see each pattern more closely.

    Thanks everyone
  2. I believe that I have been showed up several times in this swap. I'd like to say that mine are the best tied on a jig hook, but troutpocket tied a mean looking nymphish thing that I just know will knock fish dead. Looking forward to fishing them all starting Friday!
  3. Oh man i hope they make it down to CA today! I'm heading out for three days to a very productive winter lake!
  4. Just got home last night from being away since Monday morning. I will post the "toe tag" info for my flies later. Looking forward to maybe finding my swap flies at the P.O.
    Gotta head outside shortly for an after high tide beach walk before the weather deteriorates more.
  5. I've taken all the photos, now I just need to upload them but I can't find the upload cord. I plan on fishing tomorrow and Saturday and I plan to try to use swap flies exclusively. My goal is to take as many photos I can with swap flies in fishes mouths. I may not find any willing fish for the dries, but if it comes to that I'll try.
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  6. You fish dem merlot-stained suckas under an indicator, Ira? Is that chopped-down Doctor Spratley looking creation on the jig hook troutpocket's baby? How do you fish that thang? Same as yours?
  7. That fugly bugger I tied is called the NSC, so I don't have to say Narwhalsawzall Stocker Clocker. Its good for dragging around the lake on a clear intermediate line. The original was tied just like those, but with natural furnace hackle. I ran out of that, so I substituted olive-dyed Badger. Also, I wound about 5 wraps of lead wire under the body on these, since the gold bead i used on these was on the smaller side. When I use the next size up bead, I can eliminate the lead wraps. I ran out of the #8 hooks I was using, so I had to cheat and tie a couple of 'em up in size 6.

    The magnum Griffith's Gnat is tied on a very light wire #14 hook. If you apply floatant to the entire fly, it'll skate lightly over the surface. Heck, with one of these tied on, you can maybe stand on the upwind shore of a lake on a breezy day and try some of that dapping-in-the-wind stuff. *(Don't worry, no one could righteously accuse you of practicing Tenkara! No way. Unless you use a Tenkara rod!)

    If you can manage to apply floatant to just the top half of the fly, it settles better in the water like a struggling gnat. Or at least that's what they tell me. I can't seem to apply floatant on only the top half.;)
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  8. My two flies are the both tied on jig hooks with slotted black tungsten beads. One has a dark olive squirrel strip tail with merlot (as Jim put it) strung marabou wrapped body and the other is essentially the same only the tail is red squirrel strip tail.

    I fish both of these patterns under indicators.

    If I do "dap" your flies, I will first need to stop at my dentist and pick up a hundred feet or so of dental floss which as everyone knows is the best material for such endeavors.
  9. The Winter Fly 2 swap came today. There's a bunch of very talented tyers out there. Dang!!
  10. Whoa! Get the floss at mallwart,grawlweens, or wrongaide. Your dentist marks it up 1000%.;)
  11. I agree. I am indeed happy with this "big score!":)

  12. just got home from the freeze out and opened mine. very good job guys, i'm blown away by some of these.
  13. Same here. Great job, all!
  14. Got my bugs today! A bunch of great looking flies. I'm afraid my wintertime conditions aren't looking to good for the next couple of months at least.....Maybe by March...
  15. So I did fish several of the patterns out at Pass on Friday but I only ended up hooking fish on Jeff's Spider (although the wings kept wrapping around the hook bend so I had to cut them down), Jim's NSC, troutpocket's jig nymph, and both of my jig flies.

    I still can't find the cord to download the swap photos, I may need to buy another.
  16. Ira, does the swap photos have fly name and tyer identified??
  17. I got back from my trip and my flies must have come right after I left. But oh well, they look amazing!
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  18. When I download them they will have some but not all names. Once they are downloaded I can add those that did not tag.
  19. Ira?
    Did you try the streamer under an indicator?

    As for the wing, I have had that happen to me as well. Sometimes I will put some wood flooring glue at the base of the wings to help support the quill. Head cement will melt the liquid lace body material.

    Glad you got out & fished these flies!

    I forgot most of my flies in the house, but fishing was very slow. The only fly that landed fish was Ira's jig hook micro leach, maroon with brown tail :) Fished in 2-3 feet of water, a foot under a micro indicator :) Thanks Ira!
  20. I thought about throwing it under an indicator and I still may as my top fly. Sorry to hear fishing was slow, I think the fish knew this cold front was hitting us before we did and calm blue skies don't help. Once the temps level off I think fishing will pick up again. I'm surprised to hear the fish were in shallow, but I'm happy to hear that my pattern worked for you. Then again you've seen it work before so you already possessed the confidence to give it a good try.
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