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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Sean Beauchamp, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. I know you might be thinking "really dude? Ain't even October and this guy is thinkin about winter???"

    Well winter will come quick and I want some new ideas for my winter box before go time. So I wanna open up a winter swing bug swap for those interested in submitting a QUALITY, hopefully proven creation. I would like to emphasize Quality. Take some time, pick out the prime feathers. Use some head cement. Tie it like you would fish it. I would also like to stay away from standard issue shop bugs. I would like to see some original stuff. Or a twist on a classic. Swap will be closed at 10 people, I wanna receive the bugs by Dec 1.

    Personally I will be tying an original dubbed "Beyonce." It's a unique twist on Scotty Howell's prom dress and has done well.

    1) me
    2) Yard
    3) Ringlee
    4) LBC
    5) Blake
    6) Mills
    7) Matt G.
    8) Thomas M.
    9) Eric
    10) 33" Brown Guy
    11) Diehard

    Swap full!
  2. I am in....something with good shit, dont know yet though
  3. In.
    With plenty of time to experiment and think on it. this should be a good group of bugs for the box.:beer1:
  4. I'd be down, but shitty flies that somehow catch fish (sometimes) is kind of my trademark. I'll leave this to the guys with skill.
  5. I'm down, I'll let you know later what it will be. never swaped before but this one sounds good. edit.... I'm 95% sure I'll be tying a bug inspired by a pick yer pocket and a hoochie... I"ll call it a "pocket hoochie" that may or may not glo in the dark. colors to be decided.
  6. OK, there hasn't been many swaps lately. I was thinking I might not do this since I don't have a lot of tying time, and like to fish a few of my favs most of the time. But I think it would be fun to share one of my favorite discoveries last year. I'm in. I'll be tying an intruder. with peacock. it's sexy. and it works. They are a bitch to tie, but oh well. So let's call it a sexy bitch intruder.
  7. Sweeeeeet. Gettin stoked.
  8. Hi Sean. If there is still room, I'll participate. Probably a variant of a classic Walter Johnson or Sid Glasso pattern.
  9. I'm in. You've seen my MOAL leeches, if those are suitable for winter steel then I'll be doing a purple/pink one of those.
  10. Ok, I got 3 maybes I'm waiting on I will know real soon.Thomas and Eric you are on deck! Thomas I would love to see a glasso pattern and Eric your moals would be money for sure.
  11. In. I will tie a tube intruder that would make a hairdresser weak in the knees due to the obscene amount of dyed grizzly hackle going into it.
  12. I'm in. I have a few ideas.
  13. Alright had a couple guys I was waiting on but F-it, plenty of interest even added one guy. So everyone will be tying 10 flies. Make em pretty boys.
  14. feel free to join the holiday face to face swap as well
  15. Kelvin, is that allowed? To solicit tiers from other swaps?! Just Kidding. I would join your swap, but I only get so many hall passes, and I would rather use them on the water than BSing about being on the water. But it does sound like fun. Maybe in a couple years when the kiddo is a bit older! :)
  16. There better be lots of photos Sean. A lot of photos.
  17. Shawiiinnnggg! That's a good pic to start things off.
  18. I concur!
  19. Beyonce is a dirty girl.

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