Winter Steel Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Sean Beauchamp, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. proof... o rad photo. View attachment 44298 any color combo can be done. let me know... I'll tie it in the majority rules fashion.
  2. Do that color combo! I don't tie enough combos with white. That would be a good addition. I tie mine in purple/blue/chartreuse which is what got that king in the photo. Purple/pink has done real well too. Orange/red. All pink and all blue. But I like chasing dirty water around so my flies kinda reflect that. Love to see some whites.
  3. some more winners
  4. Oh, yeah! That is a nice bull!
  5. Damn, cant believe i missed this one! Let me know if you will take on one more Sean...if not, i will look forward to the pics.
  6. I wouldn't mind one more to the lineup Eric. If everyone is cool with tying one more pattern you can jump in no problem. What are you thinking?
  7. If everyone is cool, I have a sweet scandi style tube fly I want to tie. Lots of arctic fox, Finn coon and temple dog.
  8. Alright I just tied up 3 before i settled on my combo for the swap. Blue and purple tube it is. And its nasty. Eric I would gladly add you but now I've got several guys messaging me trying to get in as well and I gotta close doors before it gets outta hand. I'm sorry buddy don't take it personal. We should swap a few flies when we hit the sky this winter I wanna see that scandi tube! Sorry to the others that want in, lots of interest on this swap. Thanks guys!
  9. No problem Sean. Looking forward to seeing everyone's creations!
  10. Here's my prototype for this swap. It's a variant on the classic Glasso pattern Sol Duc Dark with different colors and some modern materials.


    AJ Spey #3
    Gudebrod 6/0 red
    Dark purple floss body
    Pearl mylar over the floss
    Lagurtun silver oval tinsel
    Claret seal fur dubbed in the split purple floss
    Claret/purple coque hackle
    Fushia and pale blue hen hackle doubled up
    Golden Pheasant dyed purple for the tented wings
  11. Beautiful tie Thomas! I'll fish it!

    I'm half way done with mine now.
  12. Anybody know of a good source for a saddle or neck that all the hair dressers haven't gotten to yet? This meaning a reasonable rate.... I just got on my fav auction site where 6 months ago I got a bomber saddle of preemo hackles for 25$ now you can't touch a saddle on that same site for less than 300$ some up to 800$. rediculous. If not Im gonna have to substitute ostrich herl... no big deal, I tied a few and gave em a swim in the tub.. .I think they look equally as good in the water just not as good in hand.
  13. I'd give up on the saddle hackles. Go with the ostrich. I should start tying mine soon, just been too damn tired at the end of the day.
  14. Avid Angler just got some in and Patricks has a selection
  15. Can't really picture your fly LBC, but on some patterns I've substituted barred rubber legs for grizz hackle and ostrich in others and been happy with how they fish. Sucks that stuff is so hard to get I love using it.
  16. Hey guys just seeing how everyone's flies are coming along. I wanna make sure everyone is gonna be ready to submit their flies by the due date. I'd like to see some more pics!
  17. Needs more photos like LBC.
  18. Got the first batch of flies in the mail, thanks LBC they look great! Lovin the white saddles. I got inspired to tie up some white rhea creatures of my own, can't wait to see what everyone else submits. Few more weeks gentlemen. PM me for my address.
  19. [​IMG]
    I'm thinking about tying 9 more of these for this thing, at least it will be something similar.

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