Winter Steel Swap

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  1. Dig it! Like your style holmes.
  2. [​IMG]
    Done. PM me your address. I put my best foot forward and tied one of the only flies that has been successful for me. I am pretty jaded after some of the swaps I've been in when I spent a lot of time and energy and got back a bunch of flies that went straight into the vise so I could salvage the hook and tie something decent on it. This one struck me as a swap that people might actually put some time into.
  3. Mine are done and will be in the mail this week. It looked like there were a lot of people tying big heavy flies so I decided to do the opposite. My pattern is a 'winterized' version of Shewey's Spawning Purple intended for the Columbia tribs or low and clear conditions on the coastal rivers - any time you want something smaller but with plenty of movement and visual pop.

    What happens is the wing rides up leaving the Jungle Cock to show very clearly. The wing construction also keeps the fly swimming true. It's a confidence pattern for me but a bit tedious to tie...

    Hook - AJ Spey #3
    Tip - fine red wire
    Body - pink floss over silver tinsel (keeps the floss bright when wet)
    Wing (back to front):
    1 - cerise marabou
    2 - angel hair flash
    3 - purple marabou
    4 - purple or blue rhea
    5 - purple marabou
    6 - angel hair flash
    7 - purple marabou
    8 - cerise rhea
    9 - purple marabou
    Collar - pink mallard flank
    Cheeks - Jungle Cock
    Collar - blue rooster breast

  4. This gets better and better with every photo posted. LBC, Benjy and Thomas are artists.
  5. Almost done. Gotta go back through and add lead eyes and finish the heads off, add junction tubing and they're ready to fish.
  6. Nice looking ties guys! I'm almost done as well and will have them in the mail in plenty of time. I don't really have a decent camera to take pictures, but maybe I'll take one with my phone and see what happens...OK, here it is. The pic sucks, but hopefully you can tell it's black and pea-cocky. It has some nice flash in the water and the fish like it too...
  7. Ill get a pic up on Thursday. Should have mine all done and packed Friday to ship. Great ties so far everyone.
  8. I'm glad I got in on this one.
  9. Minor dilemma fellas. When I tie for myself I make some of these unweighted, some with a bead head and some with large lead eyes and an finish it with angel hair in a dubbing loop. All 3 have their time and place. Should I leave this one unweighted? I kinda like them that way cause you can swing em all the way into the rocks in type 3 water and then you can add a 1/16th oz worm weight (basically same as large lead eyes) and dredge a bit. And I know some prefer fishing unweighted. I guess since I'm mailing them I could possibly make to order even.
  10. Sean, I'm fine with them unweighted. I don't have any worm weights though, but have thought about picking some up. Maybe this will get me to do that...or not.
  11. unweighted cool w/ me.
  12. unweighted
  13. Unweighted it is.
  14. Mine are coming along, bout half way through and need some more materials, but should meet the dead line. From the photos shown, bright/big, big/black, sparse/light seems to be covered so I opted for natural colors, with lots of profile and movement, for those days when it's low and clear.

    It kinda looks like a 3rd trimester abortion from a sand shrimp, that had a threesome with a sculpin and a crayfish, but she wasn't sure who the baby daddy was.
  15. Dumpster diving again yard? Dirty.
  16. Yard, sounds like that will fish just fine!! You had me at lots of profile and movement, but to add that it fits the bill for all those tastey things it should get some eats for sure.
  17. Almost done with mine, I think they are turning out pretty well. I'll post a picture if I get a chance later.
  18. My entry. Srry for the monster pics and shitty focus. I am half way done, Hope you guys enjoy. Mine are packin some weight.
  19. Mills got your flies in the mail holmes they look great!

    Blake love the chartreuse! Lookin fishy man strong work. You gotta come crash at my pad and put em to work this winter.

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