Winter Steel Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Sean Beauchamp, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Heard of the first photo confirmed swung winter chromer from the local river yesterday. Lookin forward to gettin the flies all swapped and taken em for a swim. PM me for my address and let me know when you send em so I know when to expect them.
  2. I dropped mine in the mail today with a couple extras for your efforts. Should be there Tuesday.

  3. OK, here is mine. Sorry about the crappy cell phone pic, they look much better in person. Out in the mail tomorrow.

    <img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">
  4. Sweet! This is a great swap! Can't wait to tie 'em on riverside =)
  5. Kick ass. I can't wait to see that monstrosity. Mine are still sitting on my desk. Will try and get one of those flat rate mailers tomorrow. Are we supposed to be including return postage and are these flies supposed to have a name card attached?
  6. I will handle the shipping part to make it easy. And I will attach a tag no problem.
  7. been crazy busy, ill finish mine asap and get um out.
  8. Mine are done and packed up but I won't be able to get them in the mail until tomorrow. I hope the rivers hold as I really want to step through a few runs this weekend....

    Sean, I'll send return postage with mine. I don't want do give you the extra time/money committment. It's enough to be the swapmeister alone!!
  9. Diehard and Thomas, got your flies in the mail lookin great guys! Stoked!

    Beyonce found some more fish this weekend. Chrome fall kings couldn't resist!
  10. Sweet! Good thing you got in before things went up too high. Mine went in the mail today, you should get them Friday.
  11. Mine will go out tomorrow. They'd have been sooner but I was stranded with a broken vice for a few weeks.
  12. Mine are done and will mail them tomorrow or Monday. I will try and get a picture later today.
  13. Ahh my roomate put the hurt on the kings. I had daddy duties and by the time I got there the graph was on its way up. So I got in on plan B which involved indicators and brats.

    Lookin forward to your fly Ringlee! I'm gonna take your loop for a spin Sunday I'll be in touch.

    Eric glad your back in the game. New vice or could you repair it? Hope all is well buddy!
  14. New vice. I couldn't repair the old, but it was just a 20 dollar cheapo, and so is the one I replaced it with.
  15. Matt got your intruders.... Sick!! Well done!
  16. Awesome. Glad you like 'em!
  17. Yo Winter Junkies,

    I just got mine out in the mail this morning. I didn't wanna pay for overnight shipping so they will be there on Friday... A day late. Sorry guys!

    Thanks for hostin Sean, I threw in an extra or two for the trouble. Plus a bonus round of summer flies (skaters) for everyone that participated. :beer1::beer1:
  18. Mine went out today. Stuck this last few days doing school and work stuff. Should be there tomorrow.
  19. Sweet thanks guys! When I get the last of em I will get em sorted, take some good photos..... And put them ALL in my box.
  20. That's what I would do.

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