Winter Steel Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Sean Beauchamp, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Alright Ringlee, Boyd and Benjy got your flies. Lookin awesome! Just waiting on Blake and Yards flies should be gettin em soon. Then they will be on their way shortly. All you guys are gonna be stoked on your new box of flies this swap came out great. Thanks everyone for participating and let me know if you stick a chromer on one of the swap bugs!
  2. These are on their way. Apologies on the lateness, been working late and has been impossible to hit a post office.
    I didn't put hooks on the trailer loops figuring everyone has their own stinger preferences.

  3. So dirty! Not only do I wanna put that in the sauk but I wanna pitch that under a dock and feed that to a big smallie. Nice fly man!
  4. Or to a toad creek trout. Nice flies yard. I dig.
  5. bad ass streamer chris. i would like to chuck that at browns down here.
  6. Got the flies yard, Blake still haven't got yours but once I do ill be sending em all out
  7. Wow. They were sent on Wed Nov 30th. Hopefully they show up.
  8. Crisis averted! Blake your box of goodies was waiting in my mailbox when I got home. They had an epic journey the date Nov 30 was stamped on the package I think you need to name that fly the bilbo baggins! Hahaha
    Just sorted all the flies about to take some pics. I will do my best to get them out asap but I'm extremely busy at work (80 hour weeks) so I'm thinkin I will either take a long lunch Monday or have the lady handle it. Thanks guys this is by far the best steelhead swap I've seen you guys are gonna be very happy.

    And mills I fished my pattern for a minute a week or two on the hoh and stuck a nice bull trout, and got chewed on by an unknown being in the heavy water, so don't be surprised when Beyonce looks like she had a rough night. In this case mojo was not sold separately.
  9. Very nice ties gentlemen, all of them look like proven takers!
  10. Sorry for the delays guys i practically live at work right now. I'll get em out Friday so look for goodies early next week. If you can't wait and live or work in seattle hit me up and we can make the drop face to face.
  11. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing them all. Will be like an early present :)
  12. oh, damn, Christmas shall come early eh boys...
  13. Got mine today!! Those are some seriously fun flies guys! Can't wait to get on the water and swing 'em :)
  14. Got mine today, I've already thought of the exact runs I'm gonna try a few of them out on. Good work guys and Thanks for the good words on my little monsters.
  15. You fools ever going to throw pics of them up or what? I wanna see!
  16. They are pretty!!!
  17. So lazy! I'll make Chron do it he just bought a new 35mm lens if he wasn't in a food coma snuggling a blankie waiting for jersey shore he'd probably do it now!
  18. Tell Chron to get out of his snuggie and take some pics!
  19. anybody swim any of these creatures yet? any love?

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