Winter Steelhead swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Cameron Derbyshire, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Anyone up for a winter steelhead swap? Looking for ten to twelve tyers with a deadline around January 7th.

    Update - Players and Fly Status

    Cameron Derbyshire flies in!
    Zach M bowed out
    X Dog flies in!
    Davido flies in!
    Mumbles flies in!
    Brian Thomas flies in!
    Flybill bowed out
    SmokinAces flies in!
    Randy Chong flies in!
    Eric Tarcha flies in!
    Nooksack Mac flies in!
    Tyinbugs flies in!
    Slippery_whippet flies in!
  2. ill get in with something. probably something simple cuz im still hosting a swap
  3. I am up for that. Tis the season.

  4. I'm in, as long as you don't mind a canuck in your swap.
    I've never done a swap before, so this will be interesting.
    Should these flys be barbless?

  5. david,
    they can be barbless i personally smash my barbs no matter what for a swap but people will probably do it if you dont. dang i thought people would jump all over this one come on guys
  6. I thought I replied last night. I'd like to take a crack at an intruder pattern. I'm blown away by those that I received in the articulated steel swap a short while back. I stocked up on ostrich herl in a few excellent colors. Let me know if I'm in!
  7. I`m in .
    I can`t fish , might as well tie .
    It will be something on a Waddington .
  8. I'll join in! Either a tube or an articulated pattern for me. Don't know what yet though.
  9. How many flies would you have to tie and when would they need to be done by? I would probably be down to tie a flesh fly or flesh theif.
  10. I'm in, probably a tube fly of some kind
  11. Cam, I am in on this one. I'll tie a something articulated on a waddington.
  12. I'm in too, not sure on a pattern yet, but i will let you know.
  13. Alright guys, I'm definately in. I am willing to tie my special flesh fly, a flesh theif (A variation of a sculpin), or my own version of mouse pattern (Mine is very different than Mumbles and very effective). Let me know which flies you guys would prefer to have...
  14. aces- i'll throw my vote for the sculpin, cuz i don't catch steel on mice!
  15. I'm in. I've been waiting for one of these.
  16. Thanks for response Jergens...count me in on the scuplin!!!
  17. you can return the favor, should i tie a bright fly or a dark fly?
  18. Haha, hit us with the dark fly...I perfer using natural colors such as black and olive for steelies when the rivers aren't in great shape which seems to be just about every weekend in the winter months (jk I hope not). But it's up to you're the one tying it and I would like to know everyone else's opinion as well...

  19. Would love to see the mouse pattern, but I vote for the sculpin as well!

    Go dark Joe! Big and dirty! Really whatever you want, got to have a variety in the fly box...
  20. I'm in...probably tie something articulated

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