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  1. I know this is a subject that bothers some and that's not what I'm trying to do. I am just asking a question so I can share something with my son so if this is a subject that bothers you please leave the thread. I am wanting to know where is a good places to go and hear them howl? When I was a kid my dad took me out and we spent a night in his truck trying to hear them talk back and forth I fell a sleep before I heard anything but we did bring a recorder and caught something on it, besides my dad snoring. Me and my dad where not close but this is one of the fond memory's I have with him and something I would like to share with my sons. So where is a good places if in Spokane, WA?? And what time of year is good? If we seen them that would be nice also but am looking more to hear them. Thanks and if you want to leave story's along those lines it would be something I would share with my 13 year old son.

    if you can't figure out where to go after reading this, there is little hope for you
  3. Drive on over to Yellowstone to the Lamar valley and stay until the evening. You should hear plenty of wolf talk.

  4. Try wolf Haven in Tenino.360 264 4695. They have howlings where they get their wolves going as a group. It's educational and a lot of fun especially for kids.You can pull up their web site to learn more.
  5. Start pulling up some research on packs in areas your interested in exploring. This is a good place to start:
    There are a few packs just north of you here in WA and I know the Huckleberry pack has been pretty active recently. I used to live in Spokane and would drive over to Idaho every now and then for some adventuring and climbing...have heard quite a few wolf howls in the northern panhandle north of Sandpoint in and around the Selkirks...check out the Roman Nose and Twin Peaks areas.

  6. Sending you a PM.
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  7. Or Wulffs? Wulvves?
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  8. Woofs!
  9. I personally howled pretty loud when I stuck that Royal (wolf) Wulff in the back of my neck.
    Actually, we were fishing the Salmon just out of Stanley, Idaho and a pack of 3 came down to the river to drink one evening across from our cabin in Old Stanley!
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  10. Been to Yellowstone, a feat for a California guy:). I heard wolves in West Thumb Basin, but Lamar Valley would be a better bet.
  11. ah, another wolf thread:eek: Buy a CD-it's shitloads cheaper than driving to Lamar.
  12. Come Alex, you know it isn't the same. That would be like watching a video of the Great Alaskan Bush Company instead of sitting down next to the main venue and having a drink.
  13. True, but it would be a LOT less expensive!:D
  14. Whiskey tastes better down by the river than sitting at the bar!:D
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  15. The bush company is not your ordinary bar!

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