Wood Cooking Stove

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  1. $650 -- This is a Mound City woodstove. Firebox is great condition and the stove works fine. Some tenderloving care and a little cleanup would give someone a nice stove for their cabin. This has not been used for the last 10 years and is collecting dust
  2. Which Fjord? I'm in Anchorage but come down to Seward on a regular basis. Are you near a ferry stop?
  3. Sorry, I am near Seabeck, Washington west of Silverdale, which, is west of Seattle near Bremerton.
  4. Oh, boy, memories, memories, memories. I would swear that was the one from my parents' cabin up near Rimrock Lake. Fire that thing up and the whole place warmed quick. Guess whose job it was to get up and get it going at 6:00 a.m. in the middle of winter with three feet of snow outside? I hope it sells quick for you Larry.
  5. What?!!!!!! No one knows how to do a little dusting and cleanup? No one has a cabin???! Perhaps I'll put 2 hours of work into this, dust the dust off from my workshop, and double the price! Apparently I didn't ask enough!!
  6. Last chance! I'll clean it up a little and add $200!
  7. Larry you are selling this all wrong. repost this with a title like this "Great gift idea for the wife" tell her she can lose weight and get exercise by splitting wood before she cooks your dinner. or better yet "not enough time to go fishing, try this do it yourself divorce kit, comes with a a road kill recipe book and advice on chewing hides to make softer blankets"
  8. DIY Pet Crematorium! You no like you no buy! 24.95... buy now, easy payment BAM BAM BAM..... get free pet!
  9. You guys have a great sense of humor! Actually, I MAY have a buyer on here. I PM'd them but no reply, but maybe they are not interested in the "Do it yourself divorce kit"...
  10. Are you willing to provide cooking lessons to the purchaser ???
  11. I don't think that's necessary. After all, these young guys on here think they know everything!!!!!!! Ha! :rofl:

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