Would you rather...

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Would you rather....

  1. Go on a 3 day trip and get skunked?

  2. Fish 14 hrs, hook an obvious state record, and lose it - no eye wittness or video/pic

  1. I'd take the 3 day skunking solely because it's a longer time spent fishing. I don't mind getting skunked and don't get angry about losing a fish either so the particulars of this example don't matter much to me.
  2. I'm not sure what I said came across the way you may have understood it.

    I would much rather have loved someone, and lost them, than lose a big fish. Loving someone doesn't even compare to much of anything else in this life.
  3. Having a big fish on and losing it is what keeps us coming back. I lost a huge bow years ago on one of my favorite rivers. My cousin was with me, and was downstream of me. He saw the fish go by as it headed for parts unknown. I took a 7+ pounder years before, and Cuz said that it dwarfed that one.! Anyway, I couldn't stop the fish, and couldn't follow it down. Hook eventually pulled and I lost it. Been sick ever since, and often return to that area, swing the same fly in the same place, but to no avail. But yes, definitely better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all. I think of that fish often... hmmmmm
  4. I'd take losing the fish. After all, the tug is the drug.

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  5. I'd Kobayashi Maru the shit out of the situation. That world record replica mount will look mighty nice on the wall of my man cave.
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  6. I do hope you were playing a different themed version of 'would you rather' with your kids than the way we play it...
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  7. The funniest drive home of my life consisted of about two hours of "would you rather." Things got pretty twisted. The delirium had set in from an all weekend OP skunking.
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  8. Didn't matter. The last question to my 6 yr old daughter was, "Would you rather marry someone whose last name was Wilkenstienshoemakerdroften or Doo Doo?"

    Needless to say, we lost them after that question...:D
  9. Three days of being out seems a bit more enticing.
  10. Yeah but you were in the game!!! You had a chance, and you got to play the game!!! Do you have any idea how many people never get a chance to play in the big game with a championship on the line?
    Give me a chance at the fish of a lifetime. If I lose it so be it, but at least I would have had a chance and got to be in the game!

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  11. lose the fish,, much better than ever getting skunked..but not lose the fly as well
  12. I have done both. EXCEPT that part about the State record and catching a fish.....
  13. Wow I did not know you were such a stud!!!
  14. My post was just a bit sarcastic. Along the lines of, "love interests come and go, but a big fish, by golly, that's a once in a lifetime opportunity there. Don't want to miss out on that!" Also along the lines of a big fish is not a life and death matter. No, it's much more important than that.

    Personally, the two choices don't matter much to me. I can and do get skunked on 3-day steelhead outings and gladly go again knowing that same result is possible. I have no interest in state record fish beyond an academic interest in fish species. The fish I hook can't help it however large or small they are, and I like them for what they are. I'm competitive at competitive sports. Fishing is not competitive to me. And I like that arrangement.

  15. Apparently... not "studly" enough! :p By the way, most of those games were as a kid or teenager anyway.

    Probably like everyone else here, I have a few different "fish of my life" catches, but have videos or pics to remember them by. The part that would "bug" me, is losing one of those fish without any reminder. My memory is fading... :eek:

    Every once in a while I re-watch some of my old videos and get a pleasant "surprise", of seeing fish that I've caught... that I don't remember catching until the video reminds me.
  16. While I do not have pictures of fish that I have caught, it really doesn't matter to me. I have a picture in my head. Several of which haunt me.

    I have a recurring thought of the old washed out Dry Falls plant, that had several holes in his lips from being caught, but still managed to drag me around in my float tube. It was either the stupidest fish in the lake or the most unlucky.

    Speaking of pictures of fish, I sometimes cringe at the pictures of some folks and their fish handling capabilites, captured on film.

    I suspect that FISH MORTALITY grows some, by their actions.
  17. If "pics or it didn't happen" meant anything to me, then I guess I just haven't lived. I have and take very few pictures. So I have no photos of my largest steelhead, largest SRC, largest chinook or coho salmon, or largest anything. From time to time friends remind me in conversation of fish I caught that I'd forgotten about. That's fine by me. My life isn't about the fish that I've caught. Life is about the fish I will catch next.

  18. Especially on fishing shows!

    They pic up the fish, hold it in front of the camera (okay if done rather quickly), put it back into the net (most of the time in very shallow water where the gill plates don't get fully submerged), talk for a few minutes more, then...then... they pick the fish up again just to take it out of the net!!! Why can't they just roll the net and let the fish swim off on it's own when it's ready?! Why do they have to pick it up, again, to take it out of the net?! UGH!

    Another advantage of a video camera. It's hands free.
  19. That's so true.

    I bought a camera a couple years ago (point and shoot), used it on two or three trips, what a joke.

    Nice thing about a headcam (other than hands free), is that you get to relive the aerials and such, not to mention the "bloopers". Sometimes the bloopers are the best ones. Ever seen a guy try and single-hand-land a 12 lb steelie in the middle of the river? <- Don't ask me why, I don't have a good reason other than I was lazy. Or watch a steelie zip right between your legs, from a running start at 40 ft out?

    Some of the other things a headcam helps with is, it reminds you exactly what the weather was, river flows, wind, exactly what retrieve was working, etc.

    I've never posted any of my videos on here, YouTube, or email. In fact, my best bud has only seen two of them (on my computer) and I show my kids. Someday after I'm dead and gone, they will show their kids.
  20. I have a camera but I have yet to use it on fish.
    I really do not have any knowledge of how to post pictures so what
    difference does it make?

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