Would you rather...

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Would you rather....

  1. Go on a 3 day trip and get skunked?

  2. Fish 14 hrs, hook an obvious state record, and lose it - no eye wittness or video/pic

  1. I was fishing the Yakima about 10 years ago with a guide and hooked what he said was one of the biggest rainbows he has ever seen in the canyon. It hit a stonefly dry pattern behind a boulder. It jumped once and threw the fly. We both just sat there for about 5 minutes before saying anything to each other. Heartbreaking to lose, but I'm glad I hooked it.
  2. Ok, that depends, will the three days be kid free? If so then I'll take the three days and as others have said, what comes with it.

    Another thought, since there were no witnesses one of course would never be believed so I could always take the three day trip say the batteries died in the phone/camera and then say I not only hooked the state record, but I also landed it. We are fibbers by nature anyway right? I mean Nick and I must have landed 40 fish each on dries at Lone on Saturday in a calm hour at dusk. All of them over 20" with two in the 30" range.
  3. I have several digital cameras. I always take one with me and have it on my person. But I always want to get the fish back in the water so I forget to take pictures of what I catch.
  4. Valid point. I get irked by the obsessive need for hero shots with every steelhead caught. Pretty sure ill never forget the memorable ones
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  5. When I gear fished I caught a 12 lb. Steelhead out of Pilchuck River, below OK road bridge. I had one of those throw away cameras and took a picture of it. Needless to say the throw a way camera got thrown away. No more picture.

    I don't really need to take pictures of fish. They are burned into my brain. That way I can look at then whenever I feel like it.
  6. Yep, you never forget the good ones. Even the ones that got away.

    Somehow. standing waist deep in a river is not about fish. At least not for me. So many things to take in. A fish is a bonus.

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