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  1. Inspired by James' post yesterday, Ira and I met up with a buddy of mine (Greg) and fished a private lake we'd heard about, but never fished.

    I had not even wetted a line when Ira hooks into a nice big rainbow, and then he kept that pace all day. There are distinct age classes in this lake and it was planted again this month. I don't have a tape to measure fish in the pram I used today, but the big fish were 22 - 23 inches I think Ira said.

    I landed about half as many as Ira did, but I took fish on a dry fly, skating dry, indicator, trolled indicator, trolled dry, and on the strip. Hot fly for big fish was a big black bunny hair leach. I also did well with the Chubby Chernobyl and Ira's legged jig fly from a recent swap.

    I'll let Ira fill in the details, but here are a few fish photos.
    Ira.jpg Jeff.jpg Greg.jpg
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  2. Wow. Words cannot express my jealousy.

    Nice big fish, but wheres the pic of the smallest of the day, Ira????
  3. Yep, keep telling my self im gonna go hit that lake. Only 2 min drive for me.
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  4. Sweet!! Glad it was successful for you guys.
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  5. Where's that IGNORE LIST BUTTON? Great looking fish gents, nicely done!
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  6. I had access to a wonderful, private, flyfishing only facility. There were many 8 pound trout in the lake... similar to the photos shown above.

    I almost cried when the guy sold the lakes (there were three) and the new owner had no interest in fishing.... much less, flyfishing.
  7. Now I see the interest in pay for play lakes. I am frugal to a fault, but catching big fish in a lake that has very few anglers is awesome and could be worth the $$ on occasion.
    To have that close to home and sold out from under you would be a heart breaker.
  8. That was wicked fun today, I loved going into it with zero expectations and then simple being blown away. I landed 4 over 20" today and countless more in the 16-18" line class. There were enough of the fresh stockers to keep things fairly consistent. One of the coolest things though happened near the end when I was trolling my indicator rod and the fish were for whatever reason tremendously interested in the indicator. While it waked behind me the fish would hit it and then hit the fly below it. It was wild there for awhile.

    A truly great day.
  9. Yep gotta love private lakes! first one I fished was in Idaho and I hooked my first fish and finally stopped his first run, well, til I looked at the bank and and realized I was being towed in my toon. talk about being spoiled!

    Nice fish and pics guys!
  10. Excellent pics Jeff.:)
  11. The beauty of private lakes is they normally hold very large trout. Over the years, I've fished three different private lake operations, I've never regretted a cent.

    I kind'a like catching steelhead size trout in lakes. The reason I turned to flyfishing lakes is because the trout grow larger in the lakes in Oregon than they do in the rivers.

    Private lakes certainly don't equate to easy catching... in fact, it is sometimes more difficult to catch trout in a private facility than a planted, public lake. After awhile, the trout wise up so you need to fish for them with every trick in your tactic book. I also like that part of the deal.

    The trout also loose as impressive as the devil in photos and you don't even need PhotoShop to help out! :)
  12. Again with the trout hitting the indicator. I tell ya, they do that just to mess with us! :)
  13. Hey just for curiosity's sake, how big was that private lake(acreage and depth)? I'm planning on building a pond in the next few years and stocking it with trout. Gotta see if I can grow some 10 pounders! I had a small bass pond on my property when I was in high school... nothing more relaxing than coming home from a long day and winding down on your own private pond.
  14. Awesome looking fish!!! The last time I fished private water was with the Unicoi Lodge guys in Hellen Georgia. Was some of the biggest rainbows I have ever caught on moving water. I cannot wait till the "WOW 3!!" gets posted..
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  15. I would estimate this lake to be 10 acres and the deepest part I saw was 14'. Sediment from the two creeks has slowly accumulated.
  16. Contact Larry Hayes at Red Hills Lake. Tell him that I recommended you give him a shout. Larry owns the the lake and is a friend of mine for a number of decades (the majority of photos on his site where taken by me). He is a great guy and I'm sure can fill you in on what is required. His lake is four acres and 12 feet at the deepest spot.
  17. Thanks Jeff and Gene. As I'm sure you guys know, building suitable trout habitat isn't as easy as digging a hole in the ground. I've seen that experiment fail a few times with other people, lol. I've slowly been doing my research so that when I'm ready to dig, I have it all laid out perfectly.

    Back to the main topic, those trout are hogs! Looks like an action-packed, fun filled day
  18. I know someone who built a private lake and Larry gave him pointers along the way. Last I heard, the trout in the private lake are up to 5 pounds. You are correct. If you plan to stock it with trout, trout are picky and easily killed.... as Larry can tell you.

    Growing very large trout is a challenge.
  19. Yeah based upon either my experiences watching others and things I have read, there is a certain temperature range and higher oxygen levels required to keep trout alive and happy. I have a pretty cool design laid out that I wonder is feasible. Thanks for the reference of your friend Larry, I'll be sure to give him a call when I'm getting closer to excavating.

    Sorry for hijacking the thread fellas, I'll make it up to y'all when I build my trout ponds here in the next few years ;)
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