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  1. The first time I fished private water everything was going good until the owner came down and I had to belly crawl away in the tall grass.
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  2. That's funny! Felt a little like that Sunday. We had community homeowners checking to make sure we were legit, but not sure they believed us.
  3. So I got a story about ponds. Years ago I lived in southeastern Missouri for a short spell and was there during tornado season. After an F-3 practically leveled the town I went to work lending a hand around town chopping up downed trees in people's yards and cleaning up.

    Outside of the local golf course community there was a modest older house with a large yard that had tons of downed trees, so I went up to the door, knocked and asked the older lady there if I could chop up their trees. "how much?" she asked. I said nothing, I'm just helping out the community. So myself and a few friends started chopping up their trees with our chainsaws.
    After a little bit a crew of guys showed up and started helping, and one of the guys says to me "do you know whose house this is?" "Nope." "it's so and so, the guy who owns the golf course."

    A few minutes later, the older gent that owned the house (and the golf course) came up to me and my friends and asked us how we liked golf. I said I like golf, but I like fishing better. He laughed, and said he's kicked dozens of people off of his course trying to fish the ponds.

    He then offered me free golf and exclusive rights to fish all the course's ponds for life. And boy let me tell ya, the fishing was GOOD
  4. B.Willis- That is a great story. Sounds like good Karma got you in private water!
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