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  1. That is one awesome weapon but, I would not consider it a hunting rifle. More like a Taliban hunter
  2. It's very impressive, but with a price tag like that I sure wouldn't take it out in the woods.
  3. some years ago, the Tsar's Parker sold at auction for $287,000 to Puglisi Gun Emporium in Duluth, MN. I never knew anybody in Michigan actually had that much money!!
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    Why not hunt deer with a 308 cal gun?
    AR style riffles are good gons to hunt deer and other meduim and small game with.
    Granted a gun that pretty would not be something I would take into the woods but its plain jane brother I would.
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  5. A .308's got just about the most perfect ballistics of any round ever made for what I'd consider relatively short-range shots, say 200-300 yards, and while I really love my Remington 700 in .300WSM, it's difficult loading down for smaller-than-elk game. The rifle's a tack-driver with 180gr Hornaday SSTs, but really doesn't like the same round in 150gr for some reason. BUT... It's what I'd consider a really beautiful gun; nice wood, stainless parts, stainless Leupold; the thing just really appeals to me, and i fear the scratch on the thing. Admittedly, a gun that wasn't such a beauty would be better for me to kick around with, so Patrick, I fully agree with you here!!!
  6. I didn't read the memo of Michigan (MI) and Minnesota (MN) merging. I also don't know much about that republic's (?) economic status.
  7. God, you're picky!! But admittedly, I don't send mail to either, so the postal designation escapes...:eek:

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