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    I was invited to fish this a lake in the middle of the woods by another member of this forum. I had no clue who this person was or where the heck I was going... Wife was a little worried, but I reassured her by reminding her about the life insurance policies and walked out the door, she text me and said I wasn't funny.. LOL Well we got out to the lake and immediately came up on an old man unloading his flipped boat at the boat launch. Thank goodness him and his grandson had life vest on. We helped him get packed up and then we unpacked our selfs. As we started out this trip we began targeting bass. Not much luck, but as one of is was pulling in a crawdad pattern a shadow of a large fish tailed and swelled... We all saw this and the three of us casted on top of where it was last seen. From there bass fishing was placed on the back burner and the trout fishing began. I being cheap ass refuse to to replace leaders which resulted in the lose of my first fish when it hit and took my fly.. There where other people on the lake but none where as productive as we were. about two hours into our trip we heard a big splash and saw that a second boat had flipped over and the three people were in the water, NONE HAD LIFE VEST ON!!! We took off as fast as our "HONDA 3000, 9700 pound THRUST" , LOL, and headed over to offer a helping hand. They lost there battery and a ton of gear, but all three were accounted for and they where able to use a downed tree to flip there small boat over and get back in it. We towed them back a ways and they decided they didn't need us anymore. So they proceeded to row back to the boat launch using the top and the bottom of a broken tackle box.. THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE OARS ON BOARD INCASE OF AN EMERGENCY.. Anyways... Over all we had an awesome time.. We had multiple hook ups and a ton of LDR's.. Here are a few pics. I am missing one of our third crew member.. I am sure he took his picture with his own phone not mine. Once I get his picture I will post it. Here are a couple of the ones we caught on our trip.. Sorry for the long winded story just to brag about the MONSTERS we caught.. But here they are..

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  2. Ed Call

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    Go for a relaxing fishing trip, spend time rescuing others. Well played.
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    i'd say you earned those hogs. great report!
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    Those things look like they have been eating footballs!
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    Reminds me of a lake I know. Out in the woods, yet you can drive right up to it. Gets stocked with some real toads. Hmmmm... other anglers flipping their boats and having no oars...not wearing pfd's etc... I'd say that lake was somewhere in western Warshintun.;)
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    I am sorry for taking your picture upside down, I am left handed and that is the reason why. I talked to Lonny and he doesn't care if his pic gets posted....he has seen it enough on the side of milk cartons. It was nice to meet you and fishing was great as the pics explain. I am going back Tuesday with a friend. If you can join the party, that would be great.
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    I don't know what your wife is worried about. I have met several strange men for trips to the river and it always turned out fine.

    As long as you didn't meet him in the "Casual Encounters" section of Craigslist, I think you are OK.

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    Wow is right!

    Good on you guys for taking time out of fishing for big rainbows to help...
  9. Dipnet

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    Yeah, when I tell the wife I'm thinkin' of going fishing with a not-yet-met WFF person she thinks it's similar to arranging a get-together with John Wayne Gacy or Gary Ridgeway!

    As David said, meeting strange men for trips to the river makes me glad I've found "the strange men who like to go fishing club"!

    Like attracts like, eh? ;)
  10. GAT

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    Good grief! Those are big-ass trout!! So... where did you say this lake is located??? :D
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    So what did you catch these on? What type of line were you fishing. sink, float ??..... Or were that going after that crawdad pattern?? Thanks
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    I hate and love reports like this. I love them knowing that my adventures will one day also lead me to an invite like this and hate them, because dang it I want to know where so I can unleash my vertical presentation mojo on those suckers.

    Seriously nice fish man, seriously.

    Oh, by the way I'm open to invites to incredible fisheries. I'll provide all my hard earned fishing knowledge and some beer.
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  13. Stonefish

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    Nice report.
    That lake puts out some nice fish. The fish they stock in there put triploids to shame.
  14. GAT

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    I wonder if they are Donaldson Rainbow.... a cross between a rainbow and a steelhead.
  15. Jerry Daschofsky

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    I know James personally. And I don't care who backs him up on this, he bought all these fish at the local Safeway and did the glamour shots just outside the Safeway in their retainment pond just outside. ;)
  16. Stonefish

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    I don't think Donaldson's have been planted for years.
    I've been told by several people that those are diploids.
    I asked a guy planting them if they were triploids and I thought he was going to have a hemorage.
    They are raised differently then most hatchery fish, being raised in ponds rather then concrete pens. Doing so allows most of their fins to look good rather then being all chewed up.
  17. james.jimenez

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    Today was not as productive as my last trip. Had to work very hard for the only fish of the day.. Almost a full eight hours... GRRRRRRR DAMN GEAR FISHERS DOD WELL AND KEPT EVERY F***ING FISH!! MORE GRRRRRRRRRR!!! Here is today's catch.. And to top off this not so hot day of fishing... my mother-in-law is now in town, GROUNDED FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS!!!

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  18. Go Fish

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    I should fish that lake more
    since it is __________.

    Nice fishes.

  19. Jerry Daschofsky

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    You need to hit Safeway on Mondays. That's when the fresh fish are delivered. They're pretty much out on Sundays. ;)
  20. Peyton00

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    Since you cant make it out Tuesday I am going to fill your seat.