WSDOT gets the Bridge Open!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kelly Michelsen, Jun 20, 2013.

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    That wasn't the point of the thread. The point was to congratulate WSDOT and tell everyone on the outside to STFU about WSDOT.......

    Pretty sure we all know how what it's like to work for an incompetent boss so in that regard I feel your pain. Not sure many of us know what it's like to run a business that is over budget and late on every project so in that regard the agency has earned their reputation.
    I'm ecstatic this project went as well as it did. Again, that's what happens when the project is strictly about rebuilding a portion of a bridge. Bring 520 and the tunnel in on time and under budget and I'll start the thread congratulating WSDOT. Hell, I'll buy a round for everyone participating in this thread if either are the case.

    Pretty sure I've poked the snake enough........ :)
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    Okay! I'm joining this thread on the outside chance there is a free drink at the end...:)
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