X-Mas gift for the GirlFriend

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by TroutTamer, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. ok this sorta has to do with fly fishing :TONGUE

    First off, why is it sooooo hard to shop for lady's.. I asked what she would like, and all I get is referrences to this really expensive shiny thing that goes on her finger. :CONFUSED

    But in regards to fishing.. We went to Montana last summer and she had a great time.. Never Fly fished before, and she caught one bigger than anything I caught!! :MAD

    anyway she mentioned she would go more if she had some gear.. So I ordered a $39.99 rod from cabelas (I think someone here mentioned it).. Looks like a decent little rod for someone who won't be out every weekend like me.. ha ha..

    Other than that, someone help me out.. what are some good suggestions for presents.. She is outdoorsy (thank god) but also very much a city girl too...

  2. I don't know where you live, but if you can get to the Orvis store in Bellevue, they have lots of "outdoorsy" babe stuff, not the least of which are some great women's clothes. Heck, they even have Orvis dog beds.

    Seriously, my wife doesn't fly fish, but she loves the Orvis store and the Orvis catalog.


  3. Where at in Bellevue?? I live in Seattle but my office has a branch office in Bellevue.. Just so happens I am slated to go over there next week to do some work on thier PC's...

    They are in the Key tower, is it close to that??

  4. The Orvis store is near the corner of Bellevue Way and NE 10th St. One block north of Bellevue Square mall. You can find info to locate the store at Orvis.com. On another note, I have one of Cabela Three Forks rods, 7'-6" 3wt. I use it on small creek. This is only my second years fly fishing and it has worked fine for me. Anyway, those rods do not come with a case, so you may want to pick one up to complete the set.
  5. oh man, just don't make the fishing stuff her ONLY present! To her, it will be like you getting a pair of socks, Brute aftershave, a Cuisinar blender. Make sure you pamper her first, then give her the gear.....

    A day at a local spa is always nice, a romantic weekend for 2, dinner out, tickets to some god-awful (sorry to those that appreciate it) ballet etc.

    Don't forget - you need to do this all the time, not just X-mas.

    Jim W
  6. VERY good call!! Since small shiny objects are apparently out...Get her something on the GIRL side of the spectrum to go with the fly rod...She might appreciate a fly rod, but most girls wouldn't be as excited as myself!! Of course, I'd be expecting a Sage :DEVIL
    Get tickets to something she'd like- although the ballet is even too god awful for me... How about that spirit of washington dinner train?
    I might be biased, but diamonds are always a good idea. Of course, it sets a high standard which you then have to meet every year!! Ahh, the joys of giving...
  7. Shopping for a girlfriend is different than shopping for a wife. With a wife you should always purchase that REALLY expensive piece of equipment that YOU have had your eye on because there is a good chance you will get it in the divorce. With a girlfriend you have no control over what happens when she tires of your fishing addiction, so I'd stick with the $39.99 Cabelas rod. :WINK

    But seriously, here's one that earned me some points. You get her a new fishing vest, but instead of filling the pockets with fishing supplies you fill them with girly stuff. Perfume, bath oils, spa stuff, jewelry, etc. The discovery of all the baubles in the pockets quickly overshadows the let down of receiving something as unromantic as fishing gear. If you know her favorite brands it really makes you look like a star.
  8. Scientific Angler has a fairly inexpensive setup for beginners. You might want to check it out--comes with line reeland rod--booom your on the river.

    good luck--glad I don't have to deal with it this year!

  9. Well,with all the money you'll be saving on that cheap flyrod,
    I guess you will be able to buy a pretty nice "shiny-thing" for her finger... right?
  10. CWU Girl,

    What about a romantic evening in 10 degree weather camped out on the river somewhere and then present the total package (fly rod--and reel of course)?

    just a thought,

  11. dv


    If that one shiny piece of jewelry that goes on her finger is not an option, get her some other jewelry. Women can't get enough of that stuff. I know, it makes no sense, serves no purpose, is a total waste of money, but hey, they go gaga over it.

  12. I pack a long rod, and I'm not afraid to use it!

    What's the matter with you people? The best advice is to get her something really nice that you can also use....you know, in case she doesn't end up using it very much. A new hunting rifle, for instance. As always, there is no charge for my advice services :WINK
  13. Hey CHief has a great idea..

    A vest full of stuff women like.. dam that idea is Brilliant...

    Ya I know she will like the idea of a rod and reel so that she can spend more time with me.. but she is definatly into romantic sentiment...

    thanks for the advice all...
  14. Bad Advice Dipsnort! Giving a gal a rifle is not a good idea. She may get to be too good of a shot and you won't be able to run fast enough! Stick with the perfume and shiny stuff. :TSKTSK
  15. Crimine sakes!! I own more firearms than most and I still haven't shot (or shot at) any man I've dated yet!! :DEVIL
  16. I pack a long rod, and I'm not afraid to use it!

    Ahhhhhh.....A woman that hunts. Where were you when I was shopping for a new wife the last couple of years, CWUGirl? Too late now....I found one that hikes, but doesn't hunt!

    I have a daughter that likes to go shoot guns, and an even younger daughter that may be a future hunting partner...but I'll have to wait at least 5 years or so until she grows up a little, so she can take the kick of a big game rifle.
  17. Trout Tamer:

    I have to agree with Surf Candy - and I would add this, the rule in our home is, "If Mommy is happy everyone is happy!"

    I have a beautiful and absolutely wonderful wife, and I strive to be a good husband and show my appreciation to her. I have long since given up on the idea of getting her to like fishing.

    (A little side anecdote - I hiked deep into a secluded river with her one warm and sunny spring day several years ago. I found a nice spot for her to set up a chair so that she could enjoy the scenery and the river. She took a few casts, was soon bored and settled down in her chair with a book. In the meantime, I spotted several bright Spring Chinook at the head of a pool."and yes this was a legal river to flyfish for them"

    The water was crystal clear and a little low. I stealthily snuck into position, made a few casts and was soon fast to a 20# springer. So here I was, in an epic battle with a huge king, miles from the nearest road, in an absolutely spectacular setting.

    I was eager to get a picture and yelled at my wife to come over quickly as the Springer was too much for my 7 wt and I was in fear of losing it. She replied back, "I'll be there in a few minutes honey, I am a few pages from finishing this chapter."

    I had an epiphany right there that my soulmate was never going to be in to flyfishing!)

    Anyway, if you are in Bellevue, my hot tip is to check out the Brighton Store in Bell. Square. They have wonderful jewelry, the prices are very reasonable, and you may impress the heck out of her by giving a gift that is right on top of one of the hottest trends for women right now!

    Best wishes!


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