Yak on Sunday

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  1. Gunna face what weather faces me! Brother and I just have to get out! get tucked in somewhere and have some fun!
  2. I was there yesterday and hand a real good day with a Olive Wolly Bugger SZ6-8. Swinging and retrieving in the Farmlands. Hope that might help
  3. The wind is howling on the east side. I'm the unhappy recipient of every leaf in the neighborhood. It's still blowing this morning, but not quite as hard as yesterday (still around 18-19 mph in Yakima).
  4. Saw that on weather reports, We will be upper river, still windy, but hey, we fishing or atleast trying. Thanks for the update

  5. Hopefully you guys have a better day than we did yesterday, literally got blown back upstream. Caught fish, but it was stupid weather.
  6. Great day on the river! Start by going to Café in Easton, found out they didn't serve food till 8am, it is now 7am. So, we ordered two bloody Mary's talked to the 3 guys in the café and got on our way. Well, hit up Micky D's in Cle Elum, then on our way to the Canyon. Hit first spot, couple small thunks and small takers. Crossed the river to fish other side, but nothing. Got back into the truck, went up river closer to Ellensburg, went up river first, again small taps, but nothing. Got to where we parked truck, saw tons of small guys rising at a hatch. Walked up bank to truck to get a swig of cinnamon whiskey, then back in the river!

    After catching a few small guys we started to wade down river. My brother fishing sink tip and I am fishing float line (yes) with a hint of weight to get fly down through the little guys. We had some good pulls but no real takers. I was fishing ahead of my brother, got to an area where the river had split, came back to meet with an old tree stump that had a deep pocket and it looked like there had to be something there. Fished it through a couple times, nothing, then I cast a little bit more upstream, let the fly bump bottom watching the line switch as the fly hit the bottom. Then the line stopped and jerk differently, lightly brought the rod up to feel slight tension and felt something. I thought I was stuck on a branch or a leave, but it tugged back, so I set the hook, thinking I would now loose the fly. Well, it tugged back and the line started to go upstream!

    Gave a hoot and holler to my bro up stream, thought it was just an okay what we call a trouser trout cause it was fighting sluggish. The fish turned down river back towards the log pile and I got a better look at it, holly crap, beautiful, fat and big. It came up to the surface to show itself and the mouth scared the hell out of me, looked like this thing could have swallowed one of my biggest steelhead intruders!

    To date this is the biggest trout I have landed on the Yak! My day was fulfilled and I was a happy man, don't really know who was happier! me or my brother. I was so glad to spend the day with my brother and this fish brought an awesome end to the trip! We caught a few each, lost a few each, many tugs and pulls, it was an awesome day. Cool, wind not bad except for maybe 20 minutes but wasn't bad enough to get blown off the water.

    We got back to the truck, three gentleman were trailering their drift boat and my brother went over to talk to them to see how their outing was. They talked for awhile and my brother being proud of my achievement told them the story. All the guy said was, ya..there are some larger trout than that here! I rolled my eyes and just thought to myself, what an ass. Not even a good job or that is awesome, could have said, isn't it a great feeling to catch a beauty like that?

    Nope, just there are bigger ones than that. Guess I am a different breed of gentleman. Hell, I was astatic that I was catching little 8 inchers! He didn't bring my spirits down! Just made them rise higher.

    After that we went back to the rig, had another celebration swig of whiskey, got on the road back to Cle Elum to get a burger and then stop off at the Cemetery to say hello to a great friend of mine, Ben who passed in 2011 of a brain tumor. He is buried 100 feet in front of Douglas Munro (had to say hi to him also) I knew Ben for over half of my Coast Guard career, many units together, a true blessing to know a man like him. Past at a young age of early 30, but his love and memories will last a life time of all the fishing and hunting we did together.

    After saying my Hello's to them, we left for home. Once I got home, I celebrated the 13th birthday of another young man Jake, who lost his life and now in the heaven above. I sat there giving hugs to my wife and 13 yr old daughter. This young man, I wrote about him in April, 12 1/2 yrs old, he was my daughters boyfriend while we lived in Indiana before our transfer out here this year. One thing I left out at the story of this chapter in my book is prior to me leaving in the morning, I gave my daughter a big hug, her words to me was " have fun fishing with uncle Jonny and when you are in gods country please say hello to Jake for me" and dad " Jake will bring you luck today "

    To Jake, thank you for a wonderful day and to Ben and Douglas Munro, please watch over Jake, let him walk by your side and teach him all your worldly knowledge.

    Thank you all for reading my story.

  7. William,
    Thanks for taking us along on your trip!
  8. OK, where's all the pictures of them small fish.
  9. I didn't have a macro lens!

    I am not much of a picture taker once I get the fish in, unless it is a fish I am keeping and it is bonked!
  10. We had a great day bro. And watching the fiberglass swtich rod bend double on that big fish was a blast to see. Can't wait to do it again.
  11. Great report. Thanks for sharing
  12. Yes it was! getting the twitch today, but to much to do around the house. I will find a line to fit that rod! been casting that darn thing since wife and daughter took off. Better put the stuff away and get house work done!

    When we going again????????????

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