Yak or RF?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ryan Hieronymus, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    A friend and I are headed out on Monday, and I'm not sure where to go. We don't have a boat,so if we fished the Yakima, it would be a wade trip. The other option is the Rocky Ford. I've never been there before but I've wanted to for years. I know the fishing can be tricky, but rewarding if you get it right. I'm open to anything at this point, and looking forward to your input. Thanks!
  2. I'd fish the Yakima. Low Fall flows, really wadable. RF is kinda cool, but it's more of a "I couldn't hook up elsewhere" or "everything I know about is blown out" kinda place. That's my 2-cents, anyway.
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  3. Rocky Ford deserves at least 1 visit in a lifetime.
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  4. True, but not in the Fall when moving waters are prime.
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  5. In my world, moving waters are always prime. But, good point. RF can be a real hoot in the dead of winter when it's colder than an Eskimo's *&^#@ and those fishing are sipping midges.
  6. Wild rainbows and cutts versus pond monkeys. Easy decision.
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  7. 24 fish on dries today.
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  8. On the Yakima??
  9. Could be either one! Lol. I've had 40 fish days at RF. But if I had to guess I'd figure he means on the Yak.
  10. I should also mention that I have a very, very hard time catching fish on the Yakima. :p
  11. You should fish the Yakima, then, and get past the learning curve. It's just a matter of knowing how to read the water at various flows.
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  12. Size 6 YakCaddis, Size 14 Matthew's X Caddis in tan. Very slow in the morning, but kicked in around 2 pm until 5.
  13. Rocky Ford. strip a bugger, watch for the wake and hold on!
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  14. both year round so whatever you like. usually i wait until after october ends and my options are limited before i make a few trips out to the ford.
  15. OMG that is BS, the odds of catching 40 fish in one day at RF are ZERO. Jim your post are always BS when you brag about you catch qty's. Who here has ever seen anyone catch even close to 40 in one day at Rocky Ford????? I realize people patronize you here about your catches but you are full of $#$#
  16. You're the one that's full of shit. After my buddy was out there and caught 39, I went a few days later and got 40. The next time he was out there he caught 41. Aching arms! Sorry bud, but I don't make shit up.
  17. Derek vage as usual, god forbid the guide Derek give away free info. Derek's post are always vage, small tidbits of useless info, insinuations and info that will not help anyone bit. Really 24 fish, does not even say the river.......Is that your secret river Derek???
  18. I asked several very experienced fly fishermen from the east side that have been going decades and they have never heard of 40 in a day, and they live out there and go all the time. I looked at all our post about catches are you totally exaggerate. It is about time someone called you out on your sensational fish totals.
  19. I'm sure others here have had bigger days than 40 at RF. It goes through boom bust cycles. That was at a peak of a boom. I've been out there to that big fish tank and low to moderate days too. I don't fish the easy water any more at the Ford, it's too easy. I like going for the slow cruisers in slow water. But, as I said, it's a place that's best when the other places are a no go.
  20. Ok. Think what you want. I really don't care.

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