Yakima 12/6

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    Fished about a mile above the S. Cle Elum bridge from about 1PM - 5PM with minimal success. Didn't see another soul and I nymphed exclusively. Hooked 2 and landed 1 -- I think it was a whitefish. Is this possible?

    I tried everything in my inventory: hare's ear, BH prince, copper johns, lightning bugs, PMD nymphs, San Juan worm, black streamer, among others. It was overcast and the temp was between 35 and 40. Typical setup was a BH point-fly and smaller dropper about 18" below. Used 1 or 2 split shot positioned 18"-20" above my point fly, depending on water depth and speed. I was having trouble positioning my indicator as it would occationally be pulled under by the weight of the split shot during its drift. I'm certain it wasn't a strike. Nice day to be on the water!

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    Apr 20, 2004
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    I got into some good fishing Sunday afternoon below Roza. Most of the guide service's web reports are currently saying nymphs are working. I went down there to nymph up some whitefish and couldn't hit anything. The flows too low for them to hold in my favorite whitefish pocket. I experimented with yarn indicators as recommended by so many on this forum, but had trouble with them slipping around, getting stuck in the tip guide, sinking in the current, and getting the depth right. IMHO, indicators might be useful when you're drifting along with your nymph in a boat, but they're not very helpful for me when I'm bank fishing moving water.

    So I put on a sink tip and my olive zonker skulpin and it turned out to be a fine time on rainbows in the deepest pool around. I landed some 16 inch fish, some smaller trout, and even a whitefish. I'd get a hit one out of two casts for a while, but far less hook ups. They like that fly so much, they just hang on to the tail and fight me for it without getting hooked. I tie them on a no. 6 nickel 4x long. Maybe I'll have to figure out a way to tie them like a miniature string leech or articulated leach to get a hook point way back there. But at Gary's, they pointed out with that the long tail, I'm mainly rejecting the strikes of the small dinks, and sort out the big fish. Nice aerial and reel buzzing action.

    After throwing the big heavy hareball with the 8 wt. so much this fall for steelhead, I was surprised how nice the 5 wt. felt for these little skulpins, even though they have steel eyes and thin lead on the body. With a well dressed sink tip and a water haul, the 5 wt. was really shooting them out there.

    There were also slurpers in the fading light at 16:00, rising to midges, I think, because I couldn't see anything. It pissed me off it got dark so early, too dark for me to tie on a midge.
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    Mar 9, 2003
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    I fished the Yakima Sat. 12/7 from about 1pm to 4:30pm near the Ringer Access.

    I managed to land two rainbows, 4 whitefish and 1 Sucker? The sucker? (I'm not sure what it was but looked like a sucker, it had big soft mouth on the bottom of the snout, kind of bronzish-gold colored scales) was the largest at about 24 to 25 inches and pushing 4 lbs. The rainbows were 12" and 13". The whitefish ranged from 13" to 18". I was using a two fly rig with the top fly a size 16 epoxy back calibeatis tied with yellow thread to mimic the golden stones, the trailing fly was a size 18 black midge emerger. I had several fish on that I LDR, I think they were hooked on the smaller fly.

    That was the coldest I have been since leaving Iowa. It snowed for a few minutes around 2:30 or 3. But I was getting lots of hook ups so I didn't want to get out of the water. My thermometer read a water temp of 41 degrees and an air temp around 38. My feet felt like they were frozen solid and it took two beers and three pieces of Village Pizza in Rosyln before I regained feeling in them.

    I am now only one month away from catching a trout in every month of the year for the last year. I started in February of this year and only have January left to go. It has really opened my eyes to the winter fishing possibilities, and the fact that you usually have the water all to yourself during this time of the year. I am surprised at how good the fishing can be. Does anyone else have any similar experiences?

    Tight lines and a Merry Christmas to all.