Yakima Report 11/14/13

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  1. Fished Red's to Slab yesterday with my old man, put in around 9 with a couple other boats. Started off the day fishing small stones and copper johns with tiny bugs on the dropper (#20 WD-40's, brassies, etc.) but everything we hooked was on the bigger bugs. Fished nymphs until about 2pm and had 10-12 to hand between my dad and I, biggest around 14" but mostly 10-12".

    Broke out the spey rod (7wt TCX just because it's the only one I own) and swung up four fish in the last hour of daylight on a baby sculpzilla that went 10", 17", 14" and 19" in the same wide run down from Lmuma. Got a couple crappy pics of the 17"er and a smaller fish. 19"er put a nice bend in my 7wt and was about the biggest fish I've landed this year on that river, absolute toad.

    Great day on the river, sun was out and the wind was dead. Still some remnants of the falls colors.


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  2. Sounds like a great day..... Now the weathers turned to crap!
  3. Epic, thanks for the report.

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