Yakima Report

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Broderick Smith, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Fished the upper Yakima this AM. Started up off the Stampede Pass exit and waded around throwing streamers. 1 bump but missed it...flowing hard. Buddy somehow dropped his rod off of the bridge and we lost that puppy. He was walking around down river looking for it a bit later and it bumped him in the leg...lucky retrieve.
    We moved down to the Cle elum area and threw streamers, dries, and nypmhed. We had some good flashes and takes on streamers, but no hook ups. One big whitey on the nymph rig. Another big trout jumped and shook the hook in a pool later on. Switched to dries and took a few in the 12" range (royal wulff). Flows at 1550....all in all it's great conditions out there.
  2. I'd say your buddy just used up his 2013 karma... that's amazing.
  3. Deleted...................Double post
  4. Finally a fishing report. Glad you had a good time. That's what fly fishing is all about.
  5. You are tellin me....the water was smokin up there, surprised the rod didn't go further. Anyone have good luck up that high? Beautiful place.

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