Yakima Report

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by PT, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. PT Physhicist

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    photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG

    Fished yesterday and had decent fishing. Not hot, but decent. 5 or so trout and some whities. Bobbercated all day.
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  2. BDD Active Member

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    Nice cutties and that is a long whitefish. I have lots of friends that snorkel the river and they talk about 20 inch fish thought I rarely catch big whitefish on the Yakima.

    Fellow WFF Suckegg and I had plans to fish yesterday but these guys that keep wanting to buy pontoon boats keep interrupting my personal fishing plans. I think he went but have not heard how he did.
  3. Skysoldier Trout Hunter

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    Nice Cutts, definitely some nice days on the Yak over the last few months.
  4. Irafly Active Member

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    Ahhh man, you caught a whitey? My last time out, all I caught were those dang pesky rainbows. No really I was trying to find a bunch of whities but never did. Nice job on the water.
  5. Travis Bille Active Member

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    I caught a 21" whitefish on the Yak when I lived in WA. It was the first whitefish I ever caught. I thought they were all that big.
  6. David Loy Senior Moment

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    Old Yeller looks excited. Perhaps a nap.
  7. PT Physhicist

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    Old Yeller is only there to keep the wolves away...

    Fished with Chris Puma a few years ago and he caught a whitey well over 20". We figured 3.5# or so.