Yakima River Temperatures

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by docstash, Sep 13, 2013.

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  1. Maybe not a troll; but, definitely a TOOL. Just because you released it doesn't mean it lived.
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  2. No...Science. High water temps and fishing = dead fish. Read a few peer-reviewed and published studies; and, you might find your story is really pretty sad...for the fish anyway.
  3. What I really hope is that you understand where we're coming from. Dissolved O2 is dissolved O2...period. Just because you release a fish and it swims away does not mean it survived.

    Every guide I know on the Yakima right now is concerned; and, with good reason. The reputable folks are re-scheduling and/or cancelling trips...it is what it is. We will not sacrifice the good of the resource for our own personal gain...period.

    Kindly, tell us what stretch you were on and I can tell you within two minutes and a phone call what the water temp was that day.

    Those guys know the watershed intimately; and, care more about the best interest of the resource probably more than you can comprehend.
  4. I love this forum. Having learned to fish the tailwaters in Arkansas where the water coming out of the dams is always plenty cold I never learned any of this. Thanks and no more Yakima trips til the cool weather sets in.
  5. Ed, I wouldn't take him up in the fishing invite. Nowhere in his posts did I see a statement he hadn't killed fishin' partners in thirty years of fishin'.
  6. I missed the majority of his posts before he was blocked. Did get to read some last night. Touchy issue for sure, and one that's tough to argue from high ground if you're still waving your rod at a river. His assertion that he's never killed a fish in thirty years is ridiculous and I'm sure he lost his spot at the table for good reason that I didn't get to read. Did he insult someone? He did have a point about not fishing the river until everyone else stops. If you're worried about killing fish the purely ethical thing to do is not fish. Everything else is a personal compromise to that ethic that allows us to fish. I wouldn't be happy about someone asking me not to fish an open piece of water because it doesn't align with their personal decision.
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  7. I would also like to know what happend here too? Did he delete all of his posts? Looks like his whole profile is shut down!
  8. I think Chris deleted per his request. His booting was a different matter.
  9. Well there you go.
  10. Honestly this thread is pretty disgusting.

    People just circle jerking each other jumping on the hate wagon simply because someone (gabe) stated things that you may not agree with. This caused people to come here completely making shit up and speaking on others behalf.

    I literally just got an email from reds fly shop saying they have openings for afternoon guided trips this week on the Yak. Should we now ban one of our sponsors too?
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  11. The weather this week is completely different than it was last week. Last week had highs near 100 and lows near 60. This week is highs in the low 70's and lows in the upper 40's. From the nature of Gabe's responses it seems he was just stirring the pot. I find that if I don't act like a clown I don't get treated like one. Knowing that doesn't always keep me from acting like a clown though.
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  12. yes golfman i think we should ban all trolling sponsors and postees, including internet smart asses.
  13. We should ban all non beliebers
  14. Didn't look like a circle jerk to me. One guy claiming he is doing no harm under these circumstances and others pointing out the science wasn't in his favor. How's that a circle jerk? With the information we have, it's up to us as individuals to decide if what we are doing to the resource is acceptable. Telling everyone else they don't know what the F they are talking about is why most here had opinions about the poster that were a bit pointed.
  15. Please tell me how he was banned for disagreeing? Since I'm the one who pulled the trigger. Only the mods and admin know why.

    But it had nothing to do with his views. Since mine really aren't too far off from his, I'm just a bit more realistic when it comes to fishing in warm weather and how many fish I've killed over the years.
  16. Individuals making up "facts" and then others piggybacking and using said "fact" to try and prove someone else wrong isn't a circle jerk?

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