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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by docstash, Sep 13, 2013.

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  1. All I'm saying is some people here treated a stand up guy like complete shit just because he shared a slightly different view than theirs.

    Haven't seen something like that since I dated sorority broads in school.

    Anyways I don't want to become the next victim so I'm out, tight lines all. No hard feelings

    And Jerry, for the record, I never said he was banned for disagreeing.
  2. He was far from a stand up guy. If you saw what got him banned you'd think differently. You're not a victim if you fire a shot down range then get fired upon. Gabe fired downrange after being told to stand down.
  3. This is exactly what you had said. Meaning that those who didn't agree with what others said would be banned (like Gabe). I took that as you assumed he was banned for not being in agreement on what others had said.

    What I don't understand on your end is your whole "others making shit up". Who made what up in the thread?
  4. For the record. You don't get banned for disagreeing with a mod or an admin. We don't mind discussions. What we don't like is if we tell you to back off or to simmer down and you keep flaming on, then we'll park/ban you. So there's no worries about you being banned Golfman for responding.
  5. Ok I know I said I was out of this thread but holy shit LOL

    ..... I think you need to Google the term 'belieber'... no wonder you are so off base... I was starting to get worried about you Jerry!

    As for the 'making shit up' that was in regards to people claiming guide services are stopping etc, when clearly reds is still open for business based on their email to me. I can forward it to you in a PM if you'd like, but seriously I'm done with this thread as nothing good will come of this anymore.

    I think it's time to close this one up. End on a high note.
  6. I thought it was an error. Lol. Got it. You do realize there are a lot of guides who aren't part of Red's, right?
  7. All good, shit gets mixed up on the net all the time.
  8. I have been watching this thread since its beginning and have witnessed everything said. I truly believe with all do respect that the "moderator's" that have engaged in this thread, have demostrated unprofessional behavior. The mod's on this forum are a form of leadership, and leadership needs to be professional and lead by example as it is there actions that reflect the ethical, and professional standards of this site.
  9. Please explain how so. .
  10. Just because shops are running trips now doesn't mean it wasn't an issue at the time. You know, global cooling can happen overnight?

    What facts were made up? Or, is that your way of trying to make a point without having a point to make?
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  11. Well Jerry I personally think that you guys could have been more affective in putting a boot in the drama very early on. Instead I observed you guys "feeding the fire". This in turn does nothing but keep things escilating. Now I am not saying anyone is to blam at all lets get that understood. But, I hope that next time something like this happens you guys do your best to make de escilating the situation your number one priority. I think that if we could have de escilated the situation sooner Gabe and others would not have been given the chance to get so heated and lead to someone getting banned over it. Also, I think to minimize people getting singled out that perhaps disagreements like what we witnessed should have been taken the private messages.
  12. Oh my gosh I have horrible grammar.
  13. I'd rather see the moderators participate in these threads as fellow WFF members with their own personalities than trying to constantly steer certain threads in a "company policy" direction.

    Forums where everyone is constantly patting each other on the back saying "atta boy" are pretty boring.
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  14. I see your point and respect it but I am just sharing my views on how the site can improve. This is the great thing about America right? I am not taking sides or anything. I just see room for improvement and adding my input in the most respectfull way I possibly can as I really do respect everyone here.
  15. We are all members here. In fact, all the mods and admins are paid just as much as all of you are to be here. Nada. Which leads me onto a point I've stressed many a times. This isn't a corporation. Not an organization. This is a livingroom. Chris's to be exact. Even I'm a guest here, though I do work (unpaid) here. We have our point of views, just like you all do. This thread was put back into play. Were some things said that shouldn't? Yes. Were they to the point that they were totally out of line? No. Takes two to tango, and if someone takes the lead doesn't mean you have to follow.

    Again, onto the banning. The banning would NEVER have happened IF someone did as they were instructed. Escalation or not, if someone tells you "don't do that", you shouldn't do it. We try to keep as much of the behind the scenes work "behind the scenes". Why I've been vague. Just say it this way, he was asked to stop doing something and he purposely did it, and got banned for it. Just like anything. If a police officer tells you to slow down and you don't, is he to blame because he setup a speed trap but still gave you a chance to slow it down? You still decided to speed and got a ticket. Now you have to deal with it. (but again, we didn't try setting him up, we were being human beings).

    People don't realize there is quite the machine going in the background of this website. We can easily take constructive criticism, but too many think they are "in the know" because they've ran a website or been part of a few forums. Totally different ball of wax when you're running the show. This site runs pretty damned good, I've run a couple and this one (for it's size especially) has very few hiccups. But funny how you get one hiccup and solutions start pouring out on how to fix it.
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  16. Jerry, my point was that I'm glad you guys participate and don't steer these threads. Very light moderation makes for an entertaining forum.
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  17. Think enough has been said. Will shut it down.
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