Yakima Steelies?

Discussion in 'Salmonfly.net' started by Sloan Craven, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Hey all-
    I'm thinking about going to the Yakima fish out at the end of the month. Of course I want to hit some trout, but I also heard there's some good steelheading there. Is this true? Does anyone have any fly recommendations? And the directions to tie them? And is anyone going out there?
  2. The Yakima is closed to steehead.
  3. you cant target them, and there would really be no point becaue of the low numbers and odds. you can incidentally hook into one which is always a pleasant surprise.
  4. sorry, double post
  5. yakima is closed to targeting steelhead
  6. I hope that you aren't missing the point that the reason the Yakima is closed to Steelhead, is that fishing for them will do more harm to already endangered numbers. The fishing regulation may not specifically state that, but it certainly implies that. I think most of us know that hooking a fish inadvertently increases the chances of killing it. That's why the regulation states that it is unlawful to remove a fish from the water when it is unlawful to retain them and why its unlawful to continue fishing for them even if you intend to relaese them after you have already kept your limit.

    I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but why would you want to target them when it is closed to fish for them?
  7. yakima is closed to targeting steelhead
  8. Thanks for the info guys. Never fished the Yakima and trying to learn what its all about. I'll stick with the trout. But what are the regs to be clear, seems to be some conflicting opinions.
  9. Yakim is closed to targeting steelhead.
  10. Steelhead fall into the group as other game fish and the only place that I can see that it is closed for them is from Roza Dam to 3500 feet below it and down stream from the Hwy Bridge 240. But since most people fish for trout I don't think that the Steelhead are endangered here as where most fish it is catch and release fishing. Don't make mountains out of mole hills. Most of us who fly fish are aware of it.

  11. I'm a little confused about where all this is coming from, unless I'm missing something. The current regulation under Special rules for Eastside Rivers states right up front - Yakima River (Entire River) - Closed to fishing for Steelhead.
  12. My apologies....that is why I asked where you got that...upon a second check of the regs, I realized that the yakima regs were continued from the page before where it said closed to fishing for steelhead. You are correct, I will edit my previous posts.

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