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  1. Anyone fished it this past week? Anything to watch out for float wise from KOA to Ringer or Cle Elum to bridge to (forget name of takeout)? PM if you want to keep it on the down-low :cool:.
  2. Portage required in the main channel below East Cle Elum, pretty clean up to S. Cle Elum from there. Just skinny. Upper farmlands is clean. Haven't seen the diversion at Irene lately, but that's always a pinch point.
  3. Thanks Derek. What do they call the takeout below the launch off S. Cle Elum Way bridge? Is that section OK?
  4. Fished up from KOA today and had a great day. Caught about 15+ today on a tan hopper with a pink belly. One nice one approx. 17in. Stims also worked well too.
  5. Are you referring to the access at Hanson Ponds?
  6. I think the launch is Fireman's Park? It's just over the bridge off S. Cle Elum Way. The takeout is at a creek as I recall?
  7. The S. Cle Elum launch is great at these flows - I just came back from there and took three from the far north bank on the rocks. The take out at Hanson is fine and gives you a short float with pretty good water for a mile and a half or so! Not sure about the "creek" mentioned above.
  8. Freestoneangler, you may be thinking of the WDFW access area East of Cle Elum (that Derek mentioned above). At the take-out/put-in on river left, there is a side channel that comes in. The access is down a 1.4 mi. dirt road on the right off of Hwy 10 just before the 970/10 split.

  9. I think the bridge take out referred to above is Thorp - but some strong fly slingers drag their boats out at the Teanaway Bridge (there is no ramp there to back in - just access to the road)
  10. BTW - there was a nice hatch and lots of surface feeding at the E. Cle Elum location last night - I scooted over in my quad and threw a few hoppers for twenty minutes. They were keying on mayflies but I hooked six and landed three - best fish was 15" - no pics - left my phone at home so the misses could not order me home.
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  11. Thanks for all the responses...obviously I don't know my ass from my elbow on this part of the river. I made this float with Steve Joyce and a friend of mine (his first time w/a guide) spring 2012... I just never paid much attention to the name of the put-in/takeout. Looking at the earth map, the put in was for sure the S. Cle Elum Way bridge...the float was not real long...left my truck in a parking area and it was pretty close to the hwy 903 that runs back up to town. I cannot recall whether we floated under the I-90 bridge. Just shot Steve an e-mail... I think my brain is turning to mush.
  12. Just heard back from Steve; it was S. Cle Elum to East Cle Elum "state boat launch right at the junction of Hwy 10/97". He reminded me of the small creek that pushes in there that, at high flows, can make getting in a little tricky. Sounds like the trouble spots start just downstream.

    So, you had it nailed as did T-Dub and Derek if the takeout is aka Hanson Ponds? All my years of floating the Yakima have been farmlands to Roza... so that's my excuse for asking all the rookie questions... the last one being -- about how long is this float and estimated time at current flows with ample stops to work the fishy looking spots?

  13. You can make this float as long as you want, or as short - once you figure out where the fish are, you'll spend your time moving through the unproductive water, and focusing on the right water. Watch the water temps, handle carefully, and enjoy the day. The "creek" you refer to is a side channel created by some eager beavers, that eventually washed out the corner and moved an improved launch to the outlet of the channel, which is dangerous at high flows, and tough access at low flows due to erosion, etc. It's skinny right now, so the water is a bit away from the launch - so you may have to use alternate locations, i.e. the Hanson access if you are launching a drift boat.

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