You can't fix stupid...

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    5-year-old shoots 2-year-old sister in Kentucky with rifle he got as a gift

    This makes me mad as hell. If they can come up with a "gun control law" that fixes stupid, I will be first in line to vote for it. Whoever allowed a 5 year old to have a rifle unsupervised should be prohibited from procreating. It makes me angry that this single digit IQ knuckle dragging throwback is breathing my air. Not to mention the scars that little boy will carry with him, and his poor sister who had the misfortune to be born into that 'family'.

    We all (gun owners) get painted with the same brush this dipshit created. Damn!
  2. Well said.
  3. How terribly sad that such a young child looses her life over such a stupid mistake.
  4. Very sad indeed. It also just adds fuel to the fire for the anti-gun folks.
  5. That's the argument, isn't it...what part of our freedom will we exchange for safety. We'll take off our shoes and submit to near strip searches, but boycott manufacturers who include gunlocks with a new gun. We'll have cameras on every corner but won't agree to background checks. We have no interest in safety training for guns, but send boat owners and skilsaw buyers to training. It's like refusing to look in your rearview mirror while backing up in a elementary school playground... The results are inevitable. And all the more tragic and horrible because it will happen again and again until we come together to solve it.
  6. Sorry...I meant 'we, as responsible gun owners' come together...
  7. Interesting...just yesterday I said to my wife "the anti-guns folks are doing it all wrong...and so are the pro gun folks...". It's just like everything else in our society, we're polarized into two sides of an issue and neither one will budge. With all the name calling and blaming each side has a hatred for the other. With this competitive, no, combative nature we'll never solve anything. I'm fine with background checks for guns, but powder and primers is stupid. I feel we should be able to gift or sell to family without a check. Licensing or training? Why not? We have that for driving and that's just as potentially deadly. But like everything else, the leaders on each side are more worried about keeping their jobs than doing what's right so they ramp up the rhetoric and cause the division. Sadly I don't see any real leaders to take us out of the dark...
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  8. 7-year-old boy accidentally shoots sister in Auburn

    What the hell? Is it an epidemic? I agree pretty much with what others have said, but the basic issue is you can't legislate morals, you can't legislate ethics, you can't legislate common sense. You have to have a license to drive a car, but not to buy one. You have to have a license to hunt, but if you don't hunt, no license required. And then there's the whole criminals obeying laws thing...

    My father in law ran a junior rifle range for something like 50 years, with hundreds, maybe thousands of kids going through the program, and not one accident among them all, not one gun related crime or incident. Some went on to the Olympics. Mandatory training required?...OK, I am for that, hell, I will volunteer to do the training. (It's pretty simple, actions open if you aren't going to shoot, and never point the gun at something you don't want a hole in...anything else?)

    "We have met the enemy and he is us" Pogo (Al Capp)
  9. The polarization your talking about may have something to do with anti-gun and pro-gun catagorization. There are people that have guns but realize maybe there should be some changes in the laws to protect the innocent. So are these people anti-gun or pro-gun... crazy or enlightened? It seems to me that this whole discussion will go no where and innocent people will be killed until we all take a deep breath, not feel threatened and discuss what we all can do to make society safer. This isn't about guns or no guns it's about making a better world for everyone.
  10. Slippery slopes and ulterior motives... there is plenty of history why both sides look at their respective scars and convince themselves not to find common ground. I personally do not trust those pushing the new gun law bills and will do all I can to defend 2nd amendment rights (non-neutered version).
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  11. Some people should not be allowed to breed. What shit-for-brains parent would allow a 5 year old to touch a firearm unsupervised?
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  12. When I took my hunter ed class at 8 years old, our instructor took a one-gallon empty paint thinner can, filled it clear full of water, and shot it with a .22. small hole in one side, but a HUGE hole in the other. That impressed me! We were taught what damage a little tiny bullet could do right from the get-go, and learned instantly to respect the business end of a firearm. Best lesson I ever had.

    Now, however, most city folk are completely isolated from reality on the dangers of mishandling a firearm. Many of them don't have one, and are clueless when it comes to handling one safely. Most of them have kitchen knives though, and don't give safe handling a second thought. Even little kids: how often do you see a little kid playing with a knife??
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  13. I hear what you're saying Dan, but speaking philosophically, let's pull out "for gun ownership" and substitute "to be able to vote". Now how do you feel about it? Civil rights are civil rights, period. If you're a citizen, you're able to participate in the free exercise of these rights. Impediments on civil rights have been tried before, after the civil war, and were aimed at black people, to prevent them from participating in society. Took until the civil rights movement of the 1960's to change this. By asking for "training and licensing" requirements, isn't the era of reconstruction what you're really asking for a return to?
  14. Sitting around having a few beers, went to get my new gun, (Stop! Stupid is in fist gear) didn't check to see if it was loaded (Stop! Stupid is now in second gear) stumbled drunk and shot myself in the head. (You win! Stupid is in high gear and won the death race).

    But in reality is this any different than 18 year old kids buying 1000+cc motorcycles and getting buzzed/stoned and pulling wheelies or racing in their shorts and flip flops? And that isn't even a Constitutional right. They even were required to take a test...guess that didn't stop stupid.

    We can all pull little examples of stupidity from life and the press to forward whatever opinion we have about something. Does that make us right...?

    One example of stupidity shouldn't paint the whole gun owning community or saddle them with useless unfunded government requirements. You can't legislate safety, there's always someone stupid enough to override it...
  15. As a parent, youth coach and person "responsible" for the safety of many others, I'm saddened greatly by the loss of life stories. Children able to access such tools with such devastating potential, guns left unsecured, guns stored accessibly that are loaded and the list goes on and on. How did we get so far off track, and how much further will we have to go before we can correct our course?
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  16. I've realized that you can fix "stupid"... It's called "dead"!
  17. Spot on Roper. But don't miss the fact that it is issues like this the offer the statist's an opportunity to perpetuate their hidden agenda.
  18. and if you believe they'll never want to confiscate, well.... go ahead and trust them. I don't.
  19. My 2 cents:

    The best boss I ever had put a poster on his office wall --

    the right
    The problem, as I see it, is a small number of highly disturbed people are using firearms to kill and destroy. Their actions, their life history, and their families are plastered all over the media and the subsequent media circus. Virtually everyone in America is asking "Why?" and "What can we do to prevent this from happening again?"​
    The 'Why?" will likely never be answered. The idiots who do this crap are anti-social and insane. Even if you could magically figure out the root of their problems it wouldn't change a damn thing. You can't lock up everyone who had trouble with potty training or has a temper because most of them don't end up shooting a bunch of people in a theater or classroom. We can never be 100% safe from the anomalies of our culture. ​
    The problem isn't that law abiding, responsible gun owners have suddenly, en-masse, gone on a coast-to-coast killing spree, so disarming them isn't going to solve the "What can we do to prevent this from happening again?" ​
    When children are killed, it eats at the hearts and minds of most of us. We see the futures of the very innocent taken from them and those who love them. Ask anyone who has buried their own child, "Do you think of your dead child?" The answer will be "Every friggin' day." Dead children hit us on a bunch of levels, most of them visceral. Trying to solve an emotional problem with reason and logic is always going to meet with head on and loud conflict. ​
    There will always be those who are quick to compare us to other countries like England. England has a violent crime rate equal to that of Detroit! They just use meat cleavers instead of guns. So, does that make them more civilized? I don't see how. ​
    How do we determine the real problem and then how do we solve it? Our problems aren't static because we don't live in a static culture. We need to keep that factor in mind as we move toward a solution which can only come when we define the right problem.​
    I don't know how to achieve this sort of agreement among law makers because many of them are influenced by factors we aren't even aware of. But, again, I don't see how turning a huge segment of our population (law abiding gun owners) into criminals is going to make kids safer.​
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