You can't fix stupid...

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    The other side of the problem is the politicians. They don't care about anything other than getting elected again. Career politicians are like ticks, they suck the blood out of us all and give nothing in return. Sure they grease the palms of the special interest groups or unions, but as far as the majority goes, nada...

    So, although we may as a group have a handle on reality of the "gun problem" it will not bode well for those that are in power will do anything to get vote and nothing to change real problems. If they wanted problems (wars, unemployment, lack of truly affordable health care, poverty, etc) to go away, they would, but the problems are still here, aren't they? Those at the top reap all the benefits and we pay the price.

    I need to go fishing...
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    Given the current administrations's desire to function outside the bounds of law and decency with all the scandals, the willful trampling on civil rights with the press and 2nd Amendment, and the persecution of other political points of view, I can forsee a time when it becomes necessary to show them exactly what the 2nd Amendment is really for...
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  3. have another drink......
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    you can't?
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    Several years ago I swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Even after I retired, I have never been released from that oath. It has no expiration date. So, yup.
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    Right on, bro. Right on.