Your excuse for not fishing today?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Irafly, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. I could easily write an unbelievable book on this one but hopefully taking my 11 year old grandson out tomorrow
    since he has no school.
    Come to think of it, my first Veteran's Day off as a veteran at age 64.
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  2. Seahawk game, rain, and a growler of Lucille IPA
  3. I woke up this morning thought about fishing and that's as far as I got, still working on the excuse part...
  4. my excuse was that i was making an excuse for this thread
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  5. Finished building a house for two goats and fixed a washing machine

  6. Thanks for your service. Keep your head down and stay safe.
  7. I was getting liposuction.
  8. River's out of shape, and I had to work. I got a few casts in before work, but it all casting, no fishing.
  9. Working. Did make it to the gym for an hour so that at least I'll have some stamina when I do make it out to fish.
  10. Lazy...................Do I have to say more. Besides I never fish weekends. Being retired I get to go all week. Which I haven't done in about a month.

    All my get up and go, done got up and gone. But being lazy works.
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  11. We were shopping for a new pair of ice-fishing boots for me, so today I'll wander down to the river and throw the big rod for a while.
  12. I fished twice Sunday. Steamers at dawn and dusk. No fish slime on these fingers but was pleasant all the same.
  13. Got 2 invitations to go steelhead fishing, right after I backed off a ladder wrong; hyperextension and possible/probable meniscus damage (gonna push for an MRI when I see the ortho tomorrow) to the knee. Moving water is no place to be with a balky knee; had that happen on Rock Creek once and came close to being nicknamed Bob.

  14. No license, no gear, no car, just an empty house and dreams of freestone flows.....
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  15. I was tiling a bathroom:( May be able to slip out for an hour or two today after I get done with the grout:)
  16. don't freestone like the rest of us diehards! Not a good excuse! but I guess with the name BASS TURDS, it is all making sense now! Get a box of depends and keep them in the truck!
  17. There should be a dislike option
  18. Doenbacher Children's Hospital
    Take your kids, and grandkids fishing every chance you have.
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  19. Been sick since Thursday, and seemed like I was trying to hack up my guts an hour ago. Popped a T-3 hoping to suppress the coughing. Last weekend I didn't fish cuz it was my daughter's wedding. About half the guests came down with this same crud. New bride and groom are home sick with it. A second weekend of potential fishing sacrificed to illness. I better be able to go next weekend, or I'm gonna' 'assplode!

  20. My excuse today? Hungover. Extremely hung over.
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