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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Thomas Williams, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

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    I think that WFF is among the best fly forums ive seen. That being said what are the other forums related to fly fishing that you are fond of. I like speypages as well but the layout isnt the greatest.
  2. underachiever !

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    WFF is far and away my favorite. Speypages is a good source of info as well but like you said, the layout isn't as nice. I don't participate much there because it seems some of the people are particularly touchy. I occasionally look at WestFly but it's not very active and the overall vibe isn't nearly as friendly as WFF.
  3. Brett Angel Member

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    Sums it up for me.
  4. triploidjunkie Active Member

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    I only go to two forums. Mostly this one, but occasionally The Drake has some exceptional content. I drop by moldy chum once or twice a year to scope the pics. Wff is still the best overall.
  5. GAT Active Member

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    As far as I'm concerned, WFF is second only to the VFS and that was the very first web site dedicated to flyfishing (now long gone). The layout, content and membership of this place is just right for me (which may explain my number of posts :)) .
  6. Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

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    Stripers On has an excellent fly tying forum.
  7. Jim Ficklin Genuine Montana Fossil

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  8. Tim Lockhart Working late at The Office

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    Fish&Fly, the UK site. I know of a small handful of others who float back and forth between there and here. Very good all around fly fishing site and lots of helpful and knowledgeable members.
  9. formerguide Active Member

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    This is the best site I've been around...

    I was an early an active member of The Drake, but rarely check it out anymore.

    Same for (cough, cough...), back when I lived in PA.

    But washingtonflyfishing is by far the most enjoyable site I've been active on for some time. Perhaps it's being new to a state and area. The amount of info I've gleaned from here is amazing, and I've found the members of this forum to be as friendly and supportive as any I've encountered.

    The only other forum I spend any amount of time on is a watch forum (I am a watch fanatic, much to my wife and wallet's dismay...)

  10. KerryS Ignored Member

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    I used to post a lot on spey pages before all of the east coast xspurts showed up. It went to hell in a hurry. FAOL was a fav for a lot of years but I don't post there much anymore. You can have the drake; mostly loudmouthed losers. WFF is the best. Some of the best rods in the country here.
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  11. Skysoldier Trout Hunter

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  12. P.Dieter Just Another Bubba

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    VFS in 1998. those who know what I mean know what I mean.
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  13. Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish

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    Ratings: +372 / 0, piscatoralpur.... Wait, you said fly fishing. Nevermind.

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  14. David Loy Senior Moment

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    This is the best by far. I used to tap into Spey Pages but rarely go there any more. I visit Fiberglass Flyrodders pretty often as I am feeding a glass habit. I also used to visit the Winston Rod forum. The like to blow smoke up each other, which grew old. Doesn't seem very active now but I haven't gone there in awhile.
  15. Kyle Smith Active Member

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    I mostly visit just here and a select few blogs. I love Trout Underground and Gink & Gasoline. The Drake does have good stuff but wading through all the bro bullshit gets annoying. WFF is the most gentlemanly forum out there as far as I am concerned.
  16. Fishee Member

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    This WFF website is the very best, it's well maintained and controlled. The layout, the links, search, are easy to use locate. The colors are easy on the eye that make reading enjoyble.
  17. GAT Active Member

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    I know what you mean.... that's where we first met. Those were the wild and crazy days on VFS. I still have a VFS patch... and a FF@ hat pin.
  18. Dave Evans Active Member

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    Check WFF and spey pages daily. Also frequent NAFFF, the fly tying, and rod building forums, but do not post on those very often.
  19. Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

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    WFF, the Flymph Forum, UK Flydressing Spey Pages once in a while.
  20. cuponoodle breakfast Active Member

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    This is really the only forum of any kind that I participate in anymore. I've been on other fishing forums and forums for different topics from bikes to wood stoves. Every now and then I'll check out some of the forums I used to frequent, but this is the only one I check regularly and post on.