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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Thomas Williams, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. forums are the most informative. This one has the best community. Speypages is ridiculous in terms of how sensitive, whiny, and arrogant they've become. I literally think they should all be banned until they prove they get out on the river more than three days a year.
  2. WFF daily and speypages fairly regularly.
  3. I posted on page 1 that I used to frequent the Winston Forum. I just visited again and the forum is closing on or near October 1, moving to facebook. Lot of grumbling going on over there with many veterans signing off.
  4. What??? There's forums other than WFF.... I'll be darned.
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  5. How come nobody mentioned Westfly. I go there every once in a while. There just isn't as much traffic as there is here. Some don't like it. But it's the same on all forums. Some you like and some you don't like.
  6. WFF on multiple occasions, daily because of the great community and content. It's the best, thanks to you all and the mods. I visit Speypages too, but pretty much only to peruse the classifieds.
  7. Quit using such big words. That word "peruse" will probably throw a lot of people off here. They're used to Bubba like words.
  8. Fiberglass Flyrodders is by far the most cordial while remaining informative, but it's obviously a niche forum. WFF is the only other I ever visit. I had a bamboo habit a few years ago, but Clark's forum was ludicrously fussy - like a sorority.
  9. WFF is by far the greatest forum I have ever seen in terms of layout and 2nd in wealth of information
  10. In no particular order or frequency I visit WFF, FFF, UK fly fishing, UK flydressing, Clarks Classic, Flymph Forum, Sparse Grey Matter.
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  11. Aha! There's one I haven't seen. Sparse Grey Matter looks like a decent site.
    Thanks. Will check Flymph out too.
  12. "Sparse Grey Matter"? That resonates on so many levels!

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  13. i am now in love with skagit master because of your post

  14. Yeah solid, knowledgeable, and helpful people over there and the "I'm too good for anything but a greased line" guys are run out the door very quickly so productive learning can actually take place.
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  15. I'm glad a few of us myself included were able to add a couple website to our inventory from this post. I'll be checking out sparse grey matter and skagitmaster much more
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  16. I was one of the first members on Westfly and most likely, to this day I still have the highest number of posts. The "old guard" was very active and interacted with each other more as a club than a website. I met many who ended up becoming face to face friends.

    We'd get together for regional lunches, some would organize stream clean ups and there was always a "rondi" (get together) on tap. These were fishing trips where we'd meet for a weekend to fish a specific fishery.

    There were many fishing reports with photos or large fish.

    As the site grew, the club atmosphere wore off. Some of the new folks didn't like the mentioning of fisheries in reports. Some didn't like the fish out of water photos.

    This started conflicts and hostile threads. The fishing reports and fish photos came to a slow halt. Then trolls started showing up. The lunches disappeared. The stream clean up projects disappeared. The rondis reduced to nil. The "club" was gone.

    The "low number" guys moved on. Most went to Face Book. Others, like myself, moved to different sites.

    What started out as a club became a website and slowly changed into what it is today. I still lurk there because many of my Westfly friends still make posts. I believe many of the original members also lurk at the site.

    I now prefer this site because of the high tech abilities (such as posting photos and movie clips) and the large membership with a ton of knowledgeable folks. It may not be a "club" but it is one hell of a website.

    This place reminds me of the Virtual Flyshop that was the site that started it all.

    Bottomline... Westfly changed. The "old guard" moved on. It's still a fine site but just isn't the same as it once was. Scott Richmond has done a good job with the site and I wish him all the best. The new folks get along fine. So, all in all, it grew and changed as it grew. Some of the original folks stayed, some moved elsewhere. And that's okay. It happens.
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  17. Hahahahahaha! That hotspotting website suuuuuuucks. Easily one the crappiest around. Nice troll, though.
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  18. The site has great info that is easily accessible. The forums are a little elementary, geared towards novice anglers. IMO.
  19. The same could be said here also. There are many people that have gone to the way side. Some got jumped on because of the way they handled fish and others just left because they got bored.

    I've been here for almost the same length of time this has been a site. I have seen many people come and go. Some I have missed because they were fun to fish with and some I didn't give a rats ass about.
  20. Now that you're here I can only see the info level of this forum going through the roof!

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