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  1. You are mean!
  2. Sparse Grey Matter is a takeoff from Sparse Grey Hackle, the pen name of Alfred Waterbury Miller, 1892 - 1983. Sparse wrote a number of great stories including some of my all time favorites found in 'Fishless Days, Angling Nights'. It is a collection of his writing published in 1971 by the New York Anglers Club. Also available is another book of his collected writings 'An honest Angler' edited by his daughter Patricia. Both are well worth any fisherman's time and attention.

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  3. This forum and ultrlight fly fishing...since I mostly fish with 3wts and lighter.
    But the ocassional 4 and 5wt does come out once in awhile.
  4. if the sponsors did not find value they would stop being sponsors. if i ran a fly fishing business (and i have), i wouldn't even look at with the numerous other sites besides this one that are fly fishing specific... even though is full of "serious" fishermen that make sure it isn't too "social". :rolleyes:
  5. There are some people here who guide for a living yet are willing to share their knowledge. Information their clients pay top dollar to tap into yet is freely given here without expectation of compensation.

    There are people here who own their own shops or work in shops. They talk fly fishing 9-5 and then come here to talk some fly fishing some more because they love it.

    There are people here who fly fish more days than you could ever imagine, have traveled around the globe to fly fish, and know local fisheries like the back of their hand. While they might not share their secret spots in a forum post they'll gladly offer to take you out on the river or give you a seat in their boat.

    There are people here who are known and respected for their knowledge and skill. These are people who have pioneered elements of the sport and literally written the book on fly fishing techniques.

    There are people here who donate their free time to helping others. People who, through fly fishing, are helping veterans who have gone through the hell of war and made more sacrifices than we could ever imagine.

    For everyone of these people there are hundreds of us who respect and appreciate the diversity and awesomeness of this community. You're new here so maybe you don't know many of these characters yet but I assure you this is one of the best fly fishing communities out there.
  6. Well said, thank you.
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  7. Your profile could really use an avatar. I found one for you right before I put you on my ignore list.

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  8. I just ordered a couple of his books off Amazon for pennies.
  9. I like this site but also check these out often.

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